Moonlight Silver episode 78--The Afterpost

Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 5:07 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, what is supposed to be a relaxing day turns frustrating when Brock catches a cold.

The biggest change to the episode was cutting Team Rocket and adding in Ethan and Lyra. This episode was one of the episodes that worked very well as a plot even after Team Rocket was taken out. By adding in Ethan and Lyra, I could add in some character development to Lyra by having her play nurse, change the TV channels, and switch on consoles for Brock (only for her to catch Brock's cold...
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Moonlight Silver episode 77--The Afterpost

Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 5:18 PM by EmeraldSky

This week was a wild and crazy week, as Team Rocket's plan worked a little too well.

Basically, there were a number of small cuts made throughout the episode to tighten up the episode and focus on telling the story from Ash and the gang's perspective as much as possible, unless it was important that we see what the Rockets see.

The biggest change (aside from Pokemon changes for the gang) was Ash recognizing the Rockets at the beginning. While the gang failing to recognize...
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How The Hell Did I Do This? (2017 Pokemon Blue Run)

Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 4:24 PM by EvilChameleon

Generation I is a different beast. Moves are different types, there is no Fairy, Dark, or Steel types, and there are endless glitches. So how in the hell did I beat one of these games for the first time? Absolute sheer force, that's how.

This was a pretty standard run for me until the part of the game where you take on Team Rocket at Silph Co. Normally, in Leaf Green, I would have done that, done some grinding with the Vs Seeker and such, and then took on Koga and Sabrina.
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Vacation... Net Problems... and Fun in the Sun (Or under the heavy rain XD)

Posted 3 Weeks Ago at 8:19 PM by CidHazard

I've been on vacation for the past couple of weeks... and I got'to say that the internet here where I'm staying sucks.

Still raining almost everyday here... Why did I decide to stay here again? *Sigh*

Warriors are NBA champs thank the b-ball gods that Lebron lost another one. I love "the king" as a person but I hate his basketball legacy... Stop comparing him to MJ already.

E3 was rather lackluster this year... with Nintendo and Devolver Digital...
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Disturbed Minds Think Alike

Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 2:48 PM by Lord Cry
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