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First Blog! Introduction

Posted 1 Hour Ago at 7:26 AM by PokéMuggles

Hi all,
Well this is going to be my very first blog entry I am not sure what to write just yet, so I think an introduction is in place.

I am Michelle (right one on the pic), and I looooove Pokemon Ever since the first series came out (yes I am that old, almost 29 aaah) I am a total Pokemon geek. I wish I had found this site sooner! I live in the Netherlands together with my hubby and babygirl Eevee. I have collected pokemon cards since the 90ties, however there was...
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G1NM: Crystal Part 5- Tails and Bugs [Entry #5]

Posted 2 Hours Ago at 6:45 AM by JaDe.X105 (JaDe's Corner)

Hey, JaDe here! And welcome to Part 5 of Genwunner No More!

Part 4 ended with me arriving in Azalea Town, learning about Team Rocket’s plot to sell Slowpoke tails, and trying to decide whether I should bring Shelly (Togepi) or Cottonball (Hoppip) back into my party. After a coin toss, it looks like Cottonball will be getting a second chance today. I go to train
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Moonlight Silver episode 49--The Afterpost

Posted 11 Hours Ago at 9:02 PM by EmeraldSky

This episode is rather quick, considering I didn't have much to change. The major changes I did include was Brock shooting down the mecha (as I promised before), and what Ash decides to do with Goldie. As he already has his flyer (in Mina, his Pidgeot from RBY), I felt it would make sense for Goldie to go to Prof. Oak--as at the time of Gen 2, Shiny Pokemon were new.

When an episode continues directly from the previous one, you may see a "Previously, on Pokemon Moonlight Silver..."...
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Make the Colors in the Sky!
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