Hi people nice to meet you

Posted 3 Hours Ago at 11:10 AM by Bigjon357

I'm looking for Pokemon trainer's to add me as friends on here. I have very lil friends to play with hit me up! I'm super nice and oh btw come checkout my website for Pokemon trainer's friend codes! check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks
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Posted 16 Hours Ago at 10:18 PM by red5677

This is odd for me. But all I want to say is that I created this account 9 years ago, in June of 2008. If I recall, I created the account to learn about rom hacking, but I never really got the time. Occasionally I would still come back to this site and just check out the quality of hacks coming out (to which I must say are fantastic). I suppose I'll make another entry next year to commemorate 10 years on this site, and the only really last connection I have to Pokemon.
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Game of the year opinions

Posted 18 Hours Ago at 7:52 PM by Catnip~ (Randomness)

So the game of the year nominees were announced yesterday, and I figured I'd share my opinions.

Game of the year nominatons:
Mario Odyssey
Zelda breath of the wild
Persona 5
Horizon Zero Dawn
Player Unknown's battlegrounds

My vote here is gonna have to go to Mario Odyssey. It's a huge game, tons to do, it's really fun, and it keeps me coming back for more, which is important, because most of the other games that I've played, I played an hour...
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Pokemon rom hack idea and finding group.

Posted 1 Day Ago at 1:14 AM by porygoing
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That's the real reason why I joined here, but I forgot it when I found so many interesting posts.
I'm student, so I shouldn't have a plenty of time, but I don't do really anything now.
So I'm not sure when I'll start it, but maybe at least next year.
And this is my first time to hack the rom.

And here I go.
We'll make fakemons from first, but under the specific theme based a Pokemon.
Okay, I decided...
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Food Reactions

Posted 1 Day Ago at 5:44 PM by Bardothren (Writing Advice, Assuming I Know Anything)
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Holy cow, it's been over a year since I touched this thing. Time flies. Anyways, I had a conversation with myself, which is extremely sad, about how in the Pokemon anime, every reaction to food is either complete bliss or complete disgust, with no middle ground or variation on those two types of reactions. So, instead of leaving that as a sad conversation with myself because I'm a complete loner, I decided to turn that into consolidating my thoughts for a forum post.

So, here I am....
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