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Shine Diamond Special prologue--The Afterpost

Posted September 8th, 2018 at 12:23 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, we kick off a special remix of movie 10 by covering the arrival to Alamos Town and a little lore about the mysterious melody Oración.

I decided to start with this particular movie because the D/P/Pt story is in progress. If this goes over well, I may write remixes of the other two movies in the D/P/Pt trilogy at the very least.

The biggest change so far was removing the evil team from the movie. Given all that happens in the movie, the evil team would be the least of the group's worries, so I felt they could safely be taken out.

I wanted to start with Ash and the gang on the road to tie this to the current story in progress. I actually overshot where this movie falls in the timeline, so I made a few team tweaks to account for that. The real movie's beginning is at least acknowledged while the group is discussing the Oración.

The group's teams are tweaked to account for the main story.

Alice teaching Ash the Oración will prove important later on in this mini remix.

Next time, the group meets some new friends, but trouble soon strikes the town!
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