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Shine Diamond episode 73b--The Afterpost

Posted 17 Hours Ago at 10:10 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang learns the secret of the Celestic Ruins, only to lose spectacularly to Galactic (offscreen)

Since there were no details on the battle in the ruins, I chose to have it happen offscreen.

I also worked in a slightly tweaked version of the scene in the ruins from Platinum--Cynthia is not apologetic about sharing her theory, and happily answers questions. She also echos the previous two movies, and foreshadows movie 12 down the road.

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Pokemon Victory Fire Nuzlocke Stuff!

Posted 1 Day Ago at 3:06 AM by PageEmperor
Updated 23 Hours Ago at 3:56 AM by PageEmperor

Yep, just started this. I was watching Nuzrun videos on youtube and saw people doing runs of this hack and I was like "hey this looks like a pretty awesome hack I wanna try it". And I know that there are better versions of this hack and whatnot but I'm still playing this version because lol. Also, I'm playing the very latest version of this (Which was released... this year? I dunno.) so it will be massively different from most playthroughs, such as the fact that you can indeed catch mons...
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Shine Diamond 73b delayed

Posted 2 Days Ago at 6:25 AM by EmeraldSky

The next episode of Shine Diamond is delayed so I have time to plan out the clash between the group and Galactic.

The synopsis of the real episode says the group clashes with Mars, but gives no other information on how this happens, what moves are used by who, or how the clash plays out (it is important that the group loses here, however)

My solution is to expand on the Celestic Ruins, and begin setting up Cyrus even though the group does not see him. Cynthia does tell...
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Beating the Internet

Posted 3 Days Ago at 10:26 AM by Seliph
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Have you ever been on the internet looking for random things, but every time you come across something that sounds interesting it just ends up inducing thoughts like: "this is boring", "I've already seen something like this", "this is so generic", "how can anybody like this" and more?

Maybe it's because I've been away from the internet a lot the last couple years. Maybe I've read up too much about things the internet hasn't caught on just yet...
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Posted 5 Days Ago at 6:22 PM by Lil.lady.k

Im lonely. I hope i can make more friends soon
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