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Posted October 5th, 2013 at 11:49 PM by Salzorrah

LETS PLAN THE ATTACK ON GAMEFREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for not giving us MegaBellossom and Bellossom as Grass Fairy!

In other news, I will post here my Prologue of my new story which I have been planning for quite sometime now. If you are interested in reading the story, better watch out of it in a FF&W forum near you!

Connectors [SNEAK PREVIEW]

Everyone dreams of the future. They think that the future is bright and happy, peaceful and clean, and there is no error or any imperfection on the surface. Well, the world I live in now is like that, but something is hidden beneath that “perfect” cover.

The year is 3012. If you are reading this in, let’s say, the 21st Century, boy, you have a lot to catch up for. First things first, around in the 2500s, the worst natural disaster happened. We call it “The Great Continental Shift”. The tectonic plates moved, shafted, collided, split, and rearranged so hard that the Earth was experiencing an about 10 minute ultra-earthquake. After those 10 minutes, from 12 billion people, it was reduced to a mere number of 30 million people. Most of the technology they had then was broken, but some of them were still working. In the 2600s, most of the surviving population flocked to the part of the world which wasn’t contaminated with chemicals, hazards, and wastelands produced by The Great Continental Shift. That safe part of the world is about the same size as the 21st Century Eurasia. Up till now, those wastelands haven’t been reclaimed by the people.

You are thinking, hey, this is a terrible event, one that costs the lives of all, why do you say that the world now is different than the time of The Great Continental Shift? Well, because of this tragic disaster, our minds were put to the test, to bring back the civilization we once lived in.
In the 2700s, people started to claim the lands and made them states, which in your time must translate to countries, and those states come together to form countries or in your case 21st Century Continents. We still named the Countries after the Continents; the biggest one is Eurasia, which has 2 superstates, which are The Petruvian Nation, and the Eurasian Union, each roughly having the same area. We also have Northern America, Southern America, Australia, and the smallest country, which is Africa.

In the 2750s, the technology that they had then was finally at par with the tech you have.

In the 2800s, the leading scientists are making a project that will change the lives of all humanity, and break the laws of physics, chemistry, and technology. They called that project: EarthNet.

EarthNet was an idea which you can go inside of a virtual world wherein it is safe from Mother Nature. Unfortunately, that idea was shot down when they held a beta test and all of the beta testers died inside of the EarthNet. It was never spoken again until in the year 2862, they invented a new device that replaces the cellular phone. We call it the CONALYZER, or a CONTROL ANALYZER. With the connection of the CONALYZER, the scientists remade the project and renamed it the UltraNet. They also made a device inside of the CONALYZER, a USB like device, also known as a CONNECTOR. It holds your DNA structure, your personal data, and translates them into virtual coding which lets you CONNECT to the UltraNet.

UltraNet became a smashing hit. Before, it was a way for others to connect with each other despite the physical distance. After the first month of the UltraNet, the scientists introduced the Element Circle, which introduces the 6 elements: Ignestire, the element of fire, Influaquius, the element of water, Haliventris, the element of wind, Tevalerum, the element of earth or ground, Luxitatem, the element of light, and Obscurum, the element of darkness. There was also a mythical element, which controls all of the 6 basic elements, which is called Ultragare. Since the introduction of the Element Circle, people used them as a pastime or for recreational purposes inside the UltraNet. They call this pastime, UltraBattling.

The scientists formed an organization, funded by all of the World States, which was named CONLAB, short for CONTROL LAB.

You may say, wow, this world is awesome, but what is the imperfection behind this perfect world? Well, since the birth of the UltraNet, Net Crime increased and some of the crimes committed are mostly fraud. Because of this situation, the CONLAB officials, or simply known as THE OFFICIALS are tasked for day to day operations to keep the UltraNet safe and effective.

So, finally you may ask yourself, what does this have to do with anything? Well, my dear reader, this is a story of a team which hails from the City of Coastline, the capital of West Petruvia, a state in the Petruvian Nation, and they will find out the mysteries of the UltraNet, and the mythical Element Circle.

This is the story of Team Connectors.

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    I'm looking forward for more things (if there'll be).
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