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Why I Like Cats (And Other Animals To Some Extent)

Posted March 1st, 2016 at 8:55 PM by Arylett Charnoa
Updated March 1st, 2016 at 9:04 PM by Arylett Charnoa

Don't get me wrong with what I'm about to say. Humanity is absolutely amazing and does a lot of good. If it weren't for the intelligent and considerate individuals of the past and of the now, I would not be able to give myself and my cats long and healthier lives. The things that humanity creates are beyond what can be imagined for other animals. The capability for good in certain individuals is so beautiful and inspiring.

But with that good comes a hell of a lot of bad. Something that amazing has to have a huge downside. The more complicated the good gets, so to does the bad. I find actually dealing with humans to be a stressful experience. Sitting down, talking to them... especially when they refuse to listen to reason and have beliefs that I consider to be highly illogical and baffling. And even sometimes when they just make little mistakes that slow everyone else down at a job or something, it really bugs me immensely. With all of this capability for intelligence, I have high expectations, and sadly, I've found many people do not meet them. Particularly when it comes to controlling their emotions. A lot of people just to me are irrational and illogical, and are not trained to control their feelings, which causes much unnecessary conflict. Unnecessary conflict is the most frustrating thing to me to ever exist.

The beautiful thing about interacting with a nonhuman friend like a cat is that they are intelligent enough to be engaging, to have emotions and reactions, but not so intelligent as to have more complex concerns that their emotions cannot deal with the reality of. Because that essentially sums up many humans, even myself, quite accurately. A cat only cares about what is logical, and only has simple opinions on such. They will only have a negative opinion if they are deprived of their basic needs. If your cat is lonely? (Yes, cats do get lonely.) Just spending some time with him will fix it. Cat is hungry? Feed him. Whenever a cat is upset, there is usually a reason somewhere in there that makes sense.

That makes them so awesome to interact with, and so fascinating. They cannot speak, so you have to observe them, see how their behaviors reflect their emotions. This makes them more interesting to me than people, because they're kind of mysterious and interacting with them involves a lot of learning and studying. (People do as well, but it's in a different way because they can voice their emotions) Noticing all of the subtle gestures - like the way one cat seems to walk faster and more confidently, whilst the other is more slow and delicate, really makes them full of personality. And because they cannot speak, they can't say anything that is just so painfully stupid as people do sometimes. Cats also do not judge, because they only care about themselves and having their needs met. It's such a simple way of living and makes them wonderful friends to have. For a person who has difficult to manage social anxiety, this makes interacting with them always a pleasure. (Even if cleaning the litterbox does suck and they don't quite always listen. But people also don't really listen a lot of the time) I see a new cat or some other new creature, I want to learn about it. I want to touch it. I want to know about that specific individual.

This applies for all animals of a similar intelligence level, but cats are the ones I have most experience about, so this is about them.

But this does not mean I envy them. There are negatives about such creatures, and I am well aware of this. I am, as I've said above, eternally grateful to be gifted with the benefits of human intelligence. I love the fact that I am able to think, to write, and to have complicated concerns even if they become stressful. I love how when you find the right person who you hit it off with, positive relations between another human can be immensely satisfying. I really do. I'm just saying that I admire and appreciate a cat for what it is - a creature that is simpler and distinctive from us humans, but not so distinct that you cannot form a mutual emotional bond. They just fascinate me and I'm glad that so many different varieties of creatures exist in this world and that some can even have positive interactions like that.

Ultimately, this is also why I am drawn into the series of Pokemon. Nonhumans are so interesting, because of how different and similar to us they can be. I enjoy comparing and appreciating both for what they are.
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