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Recent Video About Pokemon Mysteries is captivating fans!

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Recent Video About Pokemon Mysteries is captivating fans!

Posted July 25th, 2017 at 11:41 PM by Big Kid At Heart

About a week ago an extremely strange Pokemon Video emerged from the official Japanese Pokemon Channel. The title of the video is translated “Pokemon Mystery Files: A world of Pokemon you don’t know.” This video alluded to several well known mysteries that have existed in the Pokemon universe for quite some time. Pokemon is not new to mystery and even from the very first days, strange rumors have plagued the series about secret Pokemon, music that turns people crazy, and more. Clocking in at two minutes, the bizarre collection mysteries had Pokefans searching for answers for days. Translated by IGN and passed around the internet, this mysterious film has continued to challenge fans.

First the video uses constant references to the Unown, the strange alphabet Pokemon found within the ruins of the Alph (Probably not a coincidence that they named it that…). The short clip then starts referencing things that are often unexplained and mysterious within the mainline Pokemon games. This includes Ultra Beast references, that strange man from Sun and Moon. References to alternate worlds. Edited in such a way as to give a unique conspiracy theory take on the world of Pokemon, this video ended with an announcement that on On July 19th a big reveal would happen (In traditional Nintendo fashion, it was underwhelming).

On announcement day, it was revealed that the Japanese Pokemon Fan club, Daisuke Club, is behind the strange video. Besides posting strange beautiful art, the reveal shows that Daisuke is setting itself up to showcase unique lore and finally give us some answers about common Pokemon mysteries. It also appears they are readying another announcement for the future (Hopefully a little more impactful).

The incredible art shows a world where Pokemon are not just the novel everyday pets people train and battle, but looked upon with horror and intrigue. Some Pokemon are seen as alien, paranormal, and terrifying in contrast to the normally happy go-lucky reception of the games and shows. Take some time and peruse it! This art takes the world of Pokemon and puts a unique spin on it.

To check out the new page that launched, go here! Just keep in mind, it’s all in Japanese for now.

And to learn about the most interesting Pokemon schoolyard mystery of all time follow the music to Lavender town!
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