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Moonlight Silver episode 83--The Afterpost

Posted July 26th, 2017 at 2:30 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, our heroes happen upon a carnival and a Lore Stage, where they help a girl with a Natu overcome stage fright and deal with Kamon in the process.

The biggest change was genderflipping McKenzie--in the original, McKenzie was a boy, but even though I know it is a unisex name, I've always felt it made more sense on a girl, and so I made McKenzie a girl.

Another major change was replacing Team Rocket with Kamon (as this sort of plot sounded like something he would do), and cutting out the battle at the school--after replacing Team Rocket's Pokemon with Kamon's Pokemon, that part of the battle no longer made sense, so it was cut. Also cut was McKenzie practicing with the Wooper mask--I felt like McKenzie had rehearsed beforehand, but her problem was remembering the spiel.

Carnivals were also perfect to put in a Lore Stage for Brock--even though he didn't get his blue stripe, he does know how to lose gracefully.

Next time, our heroes help out a young balloonist, grappling with Team Rocket on the way!
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