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WWDC 2011 - Opening Keynote (SPOILER warning)

Posted June 6th, 2011 at 12:45 PM by Gerri Shin
Updated June 6th, 2011 at 3:03 PM by Gerri Shin

WWDC 2011
June 6, 2011
WWDC 2011: Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X.


  • Steve Jobs
  • Tim Cook
  • Phil Schiller
  • Craig Federighi
  • Scott Forstall

  • The State of the Mac
    • Mac OS
    • 54 Million users to date, worldwide
    • Out grown the industry every quarter for the past 5 years
    • 73% of sales are notebooks



  • The Mac App Store
    • #1 PC software channel for purchasing software
    • “Big hit for large and small developers”
    • In app purchasing coming to MAS
    • Push, sandboxing, and Delta Updates
  • Launchpad
    • Folders
    • Pinch to launch
    • Organize to your hearts content
    • Apps purchased at Mac App Store will automatically ‘fly’ right in
  • Mission Control
  • Fullscreen Apps
    • Photobooth now includes facial tracking features when run in fullscreen mode.
    • Exposé
    • Spaces
    • Dashboard
  • Auto Save - Never worry about losing a document again.
  • Versions - Revert back to a previous version of a document or project.
  • Resume - Resume where you left off every time you restart your mac.
  • New Gestures and Animations
    • Animations provide a much smoother user interface, making Mac OS X even easier to use than ever before.
    • New 4 and 5 Finger gestures allow easy access to Launchpad and Mission Control.
    • When scrolling, the scroll bars appear to the side while you scroll and disappear when you move the cursor. There when you need them, gone when you don’t.
  • Mail 5
    A whole new way to look at email
    • Conversations
    • Mail 5 now automatically groups messages from the same conversation — even if the subject changes along the way. Just click a conversation in your inbox to reveal a streamlined feed of individual messages in chronological order, and easily file or delete an entire conversation.
    • conversation view splits out all replies and attachments to a chronological view
    • New Search suggestions
    • Interactive search tokens, allows parameters
  • AirDrop
    • Easily share files wirelessly with other Lion users around you.
    • a P2P wifi based network
    • Auto discovery and setup
    • Confirm send and receive
    • fully encrypted as it;s transferred
  • File Vault
    A new level of security
    • XTS-AES 128 data encryption at the disk level
  • Lion Server

    It’s easy to set up your Mac as a server and take advantage of the many services Lion Server has to offer.

    • Easy Setup
    • Lion Server guides you through configuring your Mac as a server. And it provides local and remote administration — for users and groups, push notifications, file sharing, calendaring, mail, contacts, chat, Time Machine, VPN, web, and wiki services — all in one place.
    • Profile Manager
    • Profile Manager delivers simple, profile-based setup and management for Mac OS X Lion, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. It also integrates with your existing directory services and delivers automatic over-the-air profile updates using the Apple Push Notification service.
    • Wiki Server 3
    • Wiki Server 3 makes it even easier to collaborate, share, and exchange information. Users can quickly switch between a server’s home page, My Page, Updates, Wikis, People, and Podcasts. File sharing is simpler than ever, and a new Page Editor makes customization a breeze.
  • Available today for developers, July for everyone else
  • Price: $29.99
  • Server Price: $49.99

  • over 200million iOS devices sold
  • #1 mobile OS, 44% of marketshare
  • 25 million iPads sold in first 14 months
  • 15 billion songs downloaded
  • #1 Music retailer in the world
  • 130 million books downloaded
  • 425,000 apps
  • 90,000 specifically for iPad
  • 14 billion app downloads
  • Apple paid developers 2.5 billion in less than 3 years
  • 225 million accounts w/ credit cards and 1-click purchasing

iOS 5

• 1500 new APIs
• more than 200 new user features

  • System-wide enhancements
  • Dictionary
  • Keyboard enhancements
    • drag keyboard up for ergonomic split keyboard, better for thumb-typists
    • settings are persistent for all apps
• Notifications

100 billion notification pushed to date

  • No more interruptions for notifications
  • Notification center
  • Swipe down from top to open
  • easy access from anywhere to your notifications
  • Auto dismisses in a few seconds
  • New lock screen info
  • get notifications like email, SMS and Missed calls right on the lock screen

    • slide finger across notification on lock screen to unlock and take you right to the app

• Newsstand
  • Magazines and newspaper subscriptions built right in to the app store
  • Background downloads of subscription issues
• Twitter
  • 1 billion tweets per week
  • Single sign-on
  • twitter integration into iOS
  • integrated into apps, direct photo uploads via twitter
  • can tweet photos, articles from safari, videos from youtube, locations from maps, etc...
  • Auto completes @mentions
• Safari
  • 75% of mobile browsing is done via Safari
  • Safari Reader added
  • Can now email Story content along with link
  • works great on both iPhone and iPad
  • Reading List - great way to save articles for later reading without interrupting your current browsing session.
  • Synced across multiple devices
  • Full-Tabbed browsing
• Reminders
  • great way to consolidate lists of things to do into one place
  • Location assign that reminds you when you cross a “geo-fence”
  • date assign tof time sensitive items
  • checkboxes for when I arrive and When I leave a location
• Camera
  • Most popular app on iPhone
  • Lock screen shortcut to get to camera
  • double tap home & click camera icon
  • even if passcode set, you can’t see anything else.
  • Optional grid lines to help line up shots better
  • Volume up to take photos
  • pinch to zoom
  • hold finger to auto-focus and auto-exposure lock in addition to tapping
  • can now edit on iPhone
  • Crop, rotate, redeye reduction, auto-enhance from iPhoto
• iOS Mail

"One of the most used applications"

  • Rich Text Format
  • control indentation
  • draggable addresses
  • flagging
  • search entire messages
  • swipe the inbox in and out in portrait mode
  • S/MIME now supported
• PC Free

"We're living in a post-PC world."

  • No more need for iTunes for initial set up
  • Updates Over The Air
  • Delta Updates - Just update what changed
• Game Center

"iOS is the most popular gaming platform on the planet."

  • 100,000 game or entertainment titles on App store
  • 50 Million unique Game center IDs


  • Photos, avatars
  • Achievements points
  • Friends of friends
  • Recommended friends
  • game discovery
  • Purchase/download right from Game Center
  • Turn-based games supported on an OS level
• iMessage
  • new messaging service between all iOS5 customers
  • supports iPhone, IPad, and iPod Touch
  • Text messages, photos, videos, contacts, group messaging.
  • Shows delivery receipts, read receipts, typing indication.
  • Pushed to all devices, pick up conversation from iPhone to iPad. Supported via 3G and WiFi.
• Airplay Mirroring for iPad 2
• Wifi Synce to iTunes
• When charging at night, will find and sync to itunes
• New Multitasking gestures
• Shipping this fall
• Supports iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, Ipad, iPad 2, & 3rd and 4th Generation iPod Touch


"Some people think a cloud is just a hard disk in the sky."
"We think it's way more than that."

  • iCloud stores content in cloud, wirelessly pushes to all devices.
  • Completely integrated with apps
  • Steve admits MobileMe wasn’t the best implementation of cloud living
  • Re-written Mail, Contacts, and iCal for iCloud
• ICal
  • Calendar sharing added
  • Automatic push to/from all devices
• Mail
  • New messages are Pushed atuomatically to all devices
  • No Ads
• Contacts
  • all edits and additions are synced automatically with all devices
• Appstore
  • Shows purchase history of all apps purchased
  • allows you to download previously purchased apps to any device
  • Buy a new app and it automatically downloads to all devices
• iBooks, same great enhancements as the Appstore for all devices
• Backup
  • Wirelessly backup devices to iCloud
  • Backs up Purchased music, apps & books, Camera Roll (photo & Video), Device Settings, and App data
• Documents in the cloud
  • Apps can store documents in iCloud
  • iCloud pushes documents to user’s devices automatically
    documents update on all devices when changed on any device
• Photo Stream
  • Photo Stream works just like documents, but your camera roll gets uploaded to the cloud then sent to everything else.
  • All photos are stored on your mac or PC
  • last 1000 photos are stored via iCloud
• iTunes in the cloud
  • automatically syncs iTunes purchases right to all of your devices
  • allows you to go back and re-download any song you’ve purchased if it’s not on your device
  • Automatic Download switch
  • If you buy a song on your Mac or PC in iTunes, it automatically downloads to your other devices at the same time.
• Get it automatically when you download or upgrade to iOS 5 and type in your Apple ID and password
• Price: Free!
• 5GB of free storage
  • Purchased music, apps, books or photo stream count towards Quota

• iTunes in the cloud will run on iOS 4.3 as a beta today!
• Full version ships with iOS 5 in the fall

One more thing!

• iTunes Match
  • Automatically scans your music for non-purchased music that you’ve imported via CDs and matches them with the purchased versions on iTunes to allow you to download them straight to your devices via iTunes into the cloud.
  • Matched songs will be automatically upgraded to 256kbps AAC DRM-free
  • iTunes Match costs $24.99 per year.

Also on a much smaller note, this is the first blog entry since this day last year.

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