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Code Geass R2: An Interview with Lelouch.

Posted October 3rd, 2008 at 6:36 PM by Chibi-chan
Updated October 3rd, 2008 at 6:46 PM by Chibi-chan

So in Newtype Japan there was this Geass fanfodder section that was released. In this section, there was an interview of 50 questions; one with Lelouch and one with Suzaku~~

50 Questions to Lelouch

1.Birthday: December 5th.
2.Blood type: A.
3.Height?: 178cm.
4.Your favorite color?: Purple. It's said it's a noble color, above all it has a mysterious charm to it.
5.Hobby: Things like carpentry, and I also like handicrafts.
6.Liberal type? Scientistic type? Physical type?: THAT IS A MEANINGLESS QUESTION.
7.Subject you're good at?: Mathematics.
8:How's your grade?: Somewhere in the higher rank I guess, I don't know.
9.Your future ambition: DEFEAT BRITANNIA.
10.Express your personality within six words and more than two words: 岩。 That's one word, but you read it 「いわ」(iwa=rock)! Meaning that I don't get upset with small matters.
10a.That's not true. Yes it is.
11.Please tell me your merits and demerits: I never even thought about it.
12.Your favorite food: Something gracefully and wobbly. Like lobsters and puddings.
13.Food you dislike?: Sticky things. Like nattou and grated yams.
14.The first thing you taste in the morning: Coffee.
15.Morning type? Night type?: Night type.
16.Bathtub person or a shower person when you take a bath?: I got in a small bathtub for the first time when I came to Japan. They're nice once in a while.
17.When is your first love?(To whom?): That's something I want to keep to myself.
18.Your biggest failure in the past: I wasn't able to protect my mother and my little sister.
19.A way to blow off your irritation: Find out the cause of your irritation and get rid of it. You won't get irritated again if you do so.
20.Who is the hero for you?: My mother.
21.Indoor type? Outdoor type?: I never thought about it, and I don't find it necessary to classify.
22.Contents inside your wallet: I don't carry coins. I carry cards though.
23.Your specialty: I'm ambidextrous.
24.How do you get to school: I'm living inside the school.
25.Moments when you think it's good to be a man: I never imagined myself as a woman.
26.What do you want to eat right now?: Curry udon. That is a food which surpassed the barrier of culture.
27.Tell me your ideal picture of a family: There is a central pillar in a old Japanese construction. One pillar supports the whole house. The head of the family should be like that.
28.Your favorite season: Winter. I don't like summer because it recalls bad events.
29.Do you wake up in a good mood? Or a fretful mood?: Fretful it seems. I have low blood pressure.
30.How many hours do you sleep averagely?: About 3hours. Maybe about 6hours if I include the afternoon naps.
31.The dream you saw yesterday: I saw a dream of a meteorite falling upon and pressuring me. C.C's bad sleeping habit is the cause.
32.Time you take preparing in the morning: I'm never concerned about time.
33.Do you have anyone you respect?: Arthur.
34.Please tell me how you spend time in the holidays: Holidays? I don't have conceptions like that.
35.European food? Japanese food?: What is European food? Oh, it's a generic term? European food then, I like Italian.
36.What do you want to become if you reincarnate?: Arthur.
37.What are you into nowadays?: Forming an organization.
38.Your favorite animal?: Cats. They are pliant and beautiful. Like a waltz.
39.What is the most important thing within food, clothing and shelter?: Shelter. It's the people's base and the refuge. That is how the standard of a country should be like.
40.This is sudden, but what is love?: A thing you give without limitation.
41.Imagine yourself 30years later: I hope my hair doesn't eventually curl into rolls...
42.If you could time travel, when do you want to go back to?: I guess the misfortunes are preventable if I bring the memories I have right now.
43.Your favorite books(Magazines you read frequently): Lord of the Rings. Il Principe. Hamlet.
44.Type of female you like: A soft person. Do you get this meaning?
45.Are you a type who gives or is given?: I feel compelled to love someone rather than to get loved.
46.Did you get any valentine day's chocolate last year? How many?: I'm not telling.
46a. You're saying you didn't get any? I did get some! Though somehow Nunally got more than me.
47.What would you do if you won a million dollars?(If you won a lottery?): I'll make that 10times using the fund.
48.What kind of person is Suzaku?: Too nice to the point of a fool....
49.It's already the 49th question. Are you starting to get tired?: I'm already tired from the first 5questions.
50.What do you want for Christmas?: A sewing machine. I'll make a new mask and a cloak.

Hope I made Geass fans happy. And Kimi.
I'll get Suzaku's later :3
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    I thought this was very cute, Chibi. :3 It makes Lelouch sound so adorable. XD
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