The PokéCommunity Forums - Irish, Cynical and Salty: The Ramblings of Jay

Hello there, you've stumbled upon a blog that might even be used at some point.

Judging by the title you must be wondering... "What is the point of this?", "Why does this exist?", well it's a boredom sink really. I like ranting and rambling on, as the people who know me know. So I'll try to toss some of that rambling annoyance into somewhat organized posts that will either make a lot of sense, make no sense, have you nod your head in agreement, or leave an angry comment in disgust with a swift shunning turn of the head.

Or maybe none of those things, hey, I'm not you. (Or am I? Maybe I'm that little voice inside of your head telling you to do bad things... or maybe I'm a loser on the internet... I could go back on forth on this for hours.)

Regardless, pull up a chair, put your feet up, have some coffee. Make yourself at home as you feel fit and prepare to read something either enlightening or infuriating depending on your personal discretion.
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