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Shine Diamond episode 35--The Afterpost

Posted July 11th, 2018 at 6:09 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang watches Paul take on Cynthia, but Paul does not expect Cynthia to use Mega Evolution.

This was one of those episodes that worked very well without an evil team butting in. Originally, I was going to feature the admins, but the more I looked at the plot, the more I realized you could have a perfectly decent plot without an evil team butting in.

I also couldn't resist working in Mega Evolution, as a way to explore how someone like Paul would react to that (and possibly foreshadow when Ash uses it in front of him later on). Cynthia's Heart Song was generated via a random incantation generator, if you're curious.

I also couldn't resist adding in a little worldbuilding about Amity Square, which I pictured as some kind of a park-like area based on what you see in the games. There were also a few cuts to tighten the plot up a little bit and save time for the characters in universe. This is why we don't see the Murkrow fight and the trip to the Pokemon Center to find out it's full, to name a few cuts.

Cynthia reading the translation of the Swanna Song foreshadows Dawn learning to sing it during the final battle with Galactic.

Next time, Zoey defends her honor from Mars with the group looking on!
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