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Shine Diamond episode 78b--The Afterpost

Posted August 28th, 2019 at 10:48 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang travels to Fullmoon Island to awaken Cresselia--but a rescue mission prompts a miracle evolution!

The biggest change in this episode was replacing Swinub's evolution with Satomi evolving into Gardevoir. Like the remixed Blaze, a stubborn streak would be very out of character for the Gardevoir line, so in a sense, I have preserved the same Kanto storyline that was mirrored in Shinou, just in a different format.

I expanded on the group's research in an interlude because I wanted the Canalave Library to have more of a role than it did in the real show.

Char's (short for Char's Grill) is my imagined Pokeworld counterpart of Burger King. The chain's mascot is a Charizard named Flame. His son, a Charmander named Flame Jr., appears in advertisements for the kids' meals (called Jr. Meals)

This episode transferred very nicely from Team Rocket to Team Galactic--capturing a Legendary sounded like something Galactic would likely do, so I had Mars and Jupiter follow the Trio to the Island (as well as have Danielle leave the party for a while to continue her own travels.

Cresselia singing her Swanna Song was new for the story--I cut Tintri shocking Ash to make room for the new scene.

Next time, the group discovers the Old Chateau, and its cheeky ghostly resident!
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