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Pokemon Shining Pearl Playthrough Part 2

Posted November 23rd, 2021 at 2:41 AM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™
Updated November 25th, 2021 at 1:11 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

Lisa continues her quest for Gym Badges in this second installment!

So, after getting my first badge, my next goal is Eterna City, but getting there requires a detour and some backtracking. Back in Jubilife, Rowan and Lucas are being harassed by these oddly dressed dudes with bowl cuts who call themselves Team Galactic. They're dispatched fairly easily.

After traversing more routes and a cave, during which Kanon, Kotori, and Century evolve, I enter Floaroma, a small town with some beautiful flowers. But all is not well in this floral paradise, as Team Galactic agents are milling about and making the townspeople nervous. Turns out they've seized the nearby Valley Windworks and are diverting the power produced there to one of their own facilities.

Because I need to prep for this mission, I train a bit in the grass, capturing Hanayo the Pachirisu in the process.

After a bit of Galactic trying to give me the runaround, I obtain the key to enter the building and storm the Windworks. At the back of the facility, I encounter one of the group's higher-ups. Time to battle!

Vs. Galactic Commander Mars
Zubat, Lv 14
Purugly, Lv 16

Lisa's Team:
Kanon (Prinplup) Lv 21
Century (Luxio) Lv 21
Chisato (Budew) Lv 21
Olds Cutlass (Geodude) Lv 15
Honoka (Zubat) Lv 18
Kotori (Starly) Lv 15

Since I'm lacking anything that can do massive damage, Purugly proves to be a bit resilient, but it eventually falls. Mars seems to be an... interesting character, like the type of person I could be friends with under other circumstances. But what could be is neither here nor there. Mars and her grunts withdraw, and having done my one good deed for today, I continue on.

Eterna Forest looms ahead, dark and foreboding. A woman dressed in green named Cheryl needs help making it through this place, and since we're both going to the same place, I decide, "why not?"

As we venture through the forest, I capture several Pokemon including Ayumu the Buneary and Riko the Misdreavus.

Later on in the forest, Olds Cutlass and Honoka evolve. Eventually, we make it out of the forest and part ways.

In Eterna, there are two encounters of note. The first is with Cynthia, a woman with a mysterious aura about her. What's her story? Guess I'll find out next time I see her. The second is with an older fellow who gives me the tools to explore the vast underground caverns beneath the regions. I don't spend a lot of time down there... at least not yet. Instead I head to the gym and prepare to gain my second badge! But first, I need to gain a few more levels, and it's during this training exercise that both Chisato and Honoka evolve. Okay, now I'm ready to take on the gym.

Vs. Gardenia
Cherubi, Lv 19
Turtwig, Lv 19
Roserade, Lv 22

Lisa's Team:
Kanon (Prinplup) Lv 29
Century (Luxio) Lv 29
Chisato (Roselia) Lv 29
Olds Cutlass (Graveler) Lv 29
Riko (Misdreavus) Lv 29
Honoka (Crobat) Lv 25

Honoka is able to easily dispatch Cherubi and Turtwig, but since it doesn't yet have Wing Attack, I call on Riko to deal with Roserade with its Psybeam. Even so, it takes a good two hits to prevail.

With Gardenia out of the way, I've got my sights set on that sinister looking building constructed by Team Galactic. But I'll storm the building next time!
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