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Victory in Death

Posted October 24th, 2016 at 1:08 PM by Sektor

I am pleased to announce that through my digital wrestling match with my PC I have successfully uploaded a collection in which I have titled Victory in Death.

It is now available on Soundcloud and can be found under albums. I do so hope that these tracks are enjoyed by anyone gracious enough to give them a listen. They initially gave me a difficult time and seemingly were not being uploaded properly, and getting the image on there took some doing as well. The tags were erased and the genre was debased, but I believe I have fixed the issue!

Some of the tracks took some time to do, but I think out of all of them I am most pleased with Chromium Synthetics the most. I feel that the sounds very aptly depict a solid mechanized visual for the listener, or at least I hope that it does. I've attempted to keep them in some semblance of order and include them in somewhat similar tempo and sound. They're aren't as drastically changed as some of the previous uploads I have placed onto Soundcloud. I am not sure that the links have been shared through my Twitter or Facebook feed, but I hope to rectify that issue soon!

I've tried to stray away from sudden drops like the one seen in Nitroglycerin and I feel like I've done well in that area. I enjoyed using the flutes and strings in the compositions of Flowers for a Mass Grave, Sea Salt and Reprogramming. If you enjoy what you hear, let me know! Feedback is always appreciated!
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