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Pokemon Shield Day 6 thoughts and notes

Posted November 22nd, 2019 at 7:50 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™
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And, in sharp contrast to that epic cliffhanger, I'm told by Leon to leave it in his hands. I mean, whatever. If you don't want assistance from the girl with level 59 Pokemon, that's your loss.

Raihan Battle
Cinderace Lv59
Corviknight Lv59
Jolteon Lv59
Persian Lv59
Cloyster Lv59
Flygon Lv59

Piers might have had odd hair, but at least he wasn't vain like Raihan and at least he didn't do the stupid growth thing. Aside from the doubles battle format, it's business as usual here.
  • It seems a certain someone hasn't given up on his quest of futility. I hope Raihan fares better against Hoppy than he did against me. I'd like for there to be good competitors at the semifinals, thanks.
  • Sonia's apparently a professor now. Don't you usually need to, like, earn a doctorate and write a dissertation to become a professor? Also, she seems more interested in ancient lore than teaching Calculus 205 or Chemistry 101 at the local university...
  • More awkward train rides. Next time I'm upgrading to first class just so I'm seated away from him.
Championship Semifinals

Marnie Battle #3
Cinderace Lv68
Corviknight Lv68
Jolteon Lv68
Persian Lv68
Cloyster Lv68
Flygon Lv68

Nothing to really write home about.



Now I have to deal with this situation myself.

Yeah, It's Him Again Battle #8
Cinderace Lv68
Corviknight Lv68
Jolteon Lv68
Persian Lv68
Cloyster Lv68
Flygon Lv68

To absolutely no one's surprise, Marnie put up more of a fight than this chump. Most of the "Make My Monster Grow" Pokemon at least take two hits to finish off. Hoppy-boy's goes down in one strike.
  • Um, what the hell battle were you watching, Leon? That was more one-sided than... well, Clemson vs. Wake Forest last weekend.
  • I'd rather not eat dinner with you guys, thanks for asking.
  • Yeah, not sure what the Rose Tower is or why I need to go there just because Leon's there. Isn't he a big boy who can take care of himself? But I'm tired of being pushed around. Therefore I head back into the Wild Area for more training and capturing. I'll join you lot when I'm good and ready. Or, you know, you can take care of this situation yourselves.
  • Now that I'm at level 71, I'm good and ready. And they didn't take care of it themselves.
  • I'll do it in the next update.
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