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Pokemon Shield Day 4 thoughts and notes

Posted November 20th, 2019 at 2:55 AM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™
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Well, Lisa just wrapped up business in Motostoke, but...
  • Cue annoying cutscene. At least Bede drags the annoyance away. Me crushing him multiple times hasn't taught him a lesson. Maybe Bede can. I'm counting on you to completely destroy and demoralize him, Bede. Send Hoppy-boy home with his tail between his legs. Maybe then I can persuade the league to assign me a better rival.
  • There are some interesting new Pokemon on this stretch of the Wild Area. Not interesting enough to add to my team permanently, but I do use them for awhile to see what they evolve into.
  • Hammerlocke is officially the best name for a Pokemon city ever. Some good clothing options in town, too.
  • Why is it that every time I encounter Team Yell, Mr. Annoying also pops up? At least he leaves me to my own devices to dispatch the bizarre cheerleader gang instead of running interference.
  • On Route 6, I encounter Trapinch, who will round out my permanent party. Now to get it caught up with the rest of my crew.
  • Next town is a dusty, rugged outpost. Let's do what we have to get done here and leave.
  • Unfortunately,I can't get to the next Gym without running into interference.

Loser Battle 5
Cinderace Lv45
Corviknight Lv45
Jolteon Lv45
Persian Lv45
Shellder Lv45
Vibrava Lv41

For crying out loud, could this get any easier? Hoppy-boy is now 0-5 against me. This is not a "rivalry." This is destruction. Domination. Annihilation. Evisceration. And unfortunately it's accompanied by endless blathering, weird poses, and creepy facial expressions. I'd say that he needs to give up and consider a fast food job, but even McDonald's and Burger King have standards.

I wouldn't be surprised if Lass Lauren back on Route 2 also cleaned his clock.

Whatever. More level grinding time regardless.

Okay, time to tackle the next Gym.

Allister Battle
Cinderace Lv50
Corviknight Lv50
Jolteon Lv50
Persian Lv50
Cloyster Lv50
Flygon Lv50

So, basically, this Gym Leader is like Hitori Bocchi or Bernadetta von Varley, but with none of their charm and looking like a Shy Guy. Got it.

More inflatable balloon Pokemon that go down in two hits. At least he forced me to switch Pokemon (thanks, Cursed Body :/ ), which is more than the previous Gym Leaders did? Not much else to write home about this one. Then again, I *am* at level 50.
  • Afterward, Sonia wants me to check out some local attraction but...


Looks like our buddy Bede is vandalizing local historic sites. Not that I have much of an interest, but crime is crime, so...

Bede Battle #3
Cinderace Lv50
Corviknight Lv50
Jolteon Lv50
Persian Lv50
Cloyster Lv50
Flygon Lv50

  • Oh look, it's the chairman again. Apparently he's none too happy with Bede's vandalism, and kicks him out of the Gym leader quest.
  • There's some statues left behind, which Sonia starts talking about while I'm instead thinking about what car I should buy once I'm Champion. Leaning toward a Buick Electra.
  • Next route (and town) are interesting. Not normally a fan of mushrooms (besides the Mario ones that make you grow or give you an extra life) but the glowing ones here are pretty cool.
  • Sadly, no place to buy clothes, so after looking around and pilfering items, it's time to challenge the local Gym leader.
  • There's a trainer named Annette in this gym. Damn, the, uh... months since she left Garreg Mach Monastery have NOT been kind to her...

Opal Battle
Cinderace Lv51
Corviknight Lv51
Jolteon Lv51
Persian Lv51
Cloyster Lv51
Flygon Lv51

The curvature of Opal's body vaguely resembles a question mark, and I've been asked multiple questions here, so I'll nickname her "Riddler."

Riddler does as Gym Leaders do, which means inflating her blow-up Pokemon that lasts two turns.
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