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Movie 11 Remix--The Afterpost

Posted June 10th, 2019 at 8:30 AM by EmeraldSky
Updated June 10th, 2019 at 4:41 PM by EmeraldSky

At long last, here's the afterpost for the movie 11 remix--I wanted to experiment with doing a movie's afterpost all at once, as opposed to doing it in parts like I did with movie 10.

The major changes from the movie involve taking Team Rocket out (as neither they or the admins have any reason to be there), tweaking teams, and speeding up many of the battle sequences to clarify events and help tell a clearer story.

During the breakfast sequence, Dawn's soap options are based on actual soap scents available from Bath and Body Works.

Shaymin alternates between translated Poke-speak and human speech depending on the situation. If she is talking to a human, she will use psychic power. If she is talking to other Pokemon, she uses Poke-speak

Dawn asking about the appeal of Seed Flare is new for the remix.

Shaymin is much nicer to Ash in the remix, even if she doesn't like him at first.

The interlude after the chase onto the train is new for the story--giving the audience a chance to breathe and add some worldbuilding before Shaymin's first transformation into Sky Forme and the battle aboard the train.

Brock brings up Super Mario Galaxy when the group meets Newton in the upside down corridor because it reminds him of the altered gravity stages in both of those games.

The protective respirators are new for the remix--I felt they would make sense in the scenes with the gas.

Brock telling Ash it's okay to use his Swanna Song is a callback to movie 10.

Ash using his Swanna Song to help the group escape Zero's ship was new for the story--I felt that would add more excitement to the sequence.

The Alolan Ninetales that helps rally the Pokemon replaces Dawn's Swinub for the remix--since in game lore said that Alolan Ninetales is a guardian, I felt it would make sense for one to appear here.

One effect of the Mega Evolution Heart Song is powering up the attacks of Pokemon--it is more likely to work on Pokemon that can't Mega Evolve.

The Swanna Song can affect multiple worlds at once--this is how Ash is able to use his to save the real world and the Distortion World.

I felt the dance of the Shaymin was a good spot to end the remixed movie on, as a beautiful sign of the group's victory.

Next time, Ash and the gang learn a surprising reason why Psyduck are blocking the way to Celestic Town!
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