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Platinum Progress Report 1

Posted March 27th, 2009 at 4:57 AM by Mr Briney

Well did the start stuff, met Prof. Rowan, picked a Turtwig, owned rival and went to the lake etc.

After finally recieving my 5 pokeballs from Lucas I caught a Bidoof which im then traded over to Pearl for my Feebas . Deposited Turtwig and off we go to get the first badge with my glorious Feebas :D

Onto the first gym: Oreburgh City

Hmm first problem, Feebas isnt very strong =/ so stocked up on some potions and will just have to wait till level 6 for it to evolve to Milotic

First trainer battle against a level 5 Starly, easy, two ice beams and it was down :D and as a added bonus level 6 and Milotic well it was going to be until i accidently pressed 'B' so now just going to have to wait till level 7

Jubilife City

Feebas now level 7 and a Milotic . Met codename 'Looker' for the first time too...strange guy. Also i recieved my poketch.

Left Jubilife City and quickly given a chance to test out my Milotic and who better, my rival.

Easy fight OHKO'd his Starly with Ice Beam and then 2 Water Pulses' took down his Chimchar. None of the trainers up to Oreburgh were a challenge. Into the tunnel, recieved flash, battled the trainers there and then out into Oreburgh where ill recieve my first badge

Oreburgh City

The usual happens, trainer takes you to gym, rival is there and says the gym leader is in the mine. So i went to the mine and got the gym leader. Healed up and went back to the gym. Milotic is level 10 when I entered but was 11 after the first trainer. Problem is that since i traded the Feebas over, Milotic wont listen to me anymore .


His Geodude was easily defeated with one Water Pulse, also this levelled my Milotic to 12. His Onix also went down after one Water Pulse. Cranidos was a bit harder as Milotic started to disobey me..Nearly got it then a critical hit headbutt KO'd me.

Take two. Geodude OHKO'd again by Water Pulse. Milotic level 13. Onix OHKO'd by Water Pulse too. Once again my Milotic stops obeying me but i manage to get a Hypnosis in the a Water Pulse which KO's Cranidosand gets Milotic to level 14

Off to Eterna City now
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