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Trip To Turkey

Posted August 6th, 2013 at 2:10 AM by Apple Juice

Decided to clear out my account and start on a clean state. Kicking it off with this!

Hey guys, I haven't posted in here for a long time, and hopefully I'll change that as time goes on. But for now, I've got a lot to go on about as I felt like typing up an account of my four and a half week vacation to Turkey. I'll be returning to the USA on Tuesday, so not much more will go on. I hope you enjoy!

I think it will be simpler for me to break this up into weeks. I'll begin with the first week. Travelling was, as it always is, a pain. This year, unlike previous times where we had to take two to three flights to get to Istanbul, my parents found a direct flight from Houston to there. A two hour drive to Houston seemed like a miniscule sacrifice to not having to stop in a place like Chicago for the night. This is where our luck turned, as our car broke down halfway to the airport. My dad attempt fixing it, but he only worsened it. These two tech workers seemed to take pity in us, because they stopped and helped us out a lot. They took us to a place that could fix the car in a few minutes, and basically saved our trip. I was in a pretty crappy mood because I hadn't really looked forward to leaving my friends for a month, but it was nice to receive some help from a handful of strangers. We got to the airport in time and boarded for our direct flight to Istanbul! The food was horrible but we managed. I watched three movies iirc, and they were all ones I had already seen before. Once we landed, we had lost a day due to the timezone difference and it was already late Tuesday. We waited two hours for our flight to Izmir which is a fairly short one hour flight, and once we arrived met up with our relatives. My grandparents were elated to see me and my brother after five years apart, and it was nice to see them so happy. We had a bunch of trouble leaving, though. They couldn't find their car in their parking lot, for one. For another, once we found the car, we realized my mother had left her purse somewhere. We waited for her to find it, and then we had to also find my mother's dad, who had wandered off somewhere without telling anyone. Finally, we left and got to our beach house in a village in Cesme at around 2am. That week was pretty relaxing, just going for swims every now and then. On our second day there, we checked out the tennis club I'd be going to. The head coach made me hit with the best player in the club for fifteen minutes. After, he said I was very strong and would only be able to hit with the boy I had practiced with and another girl I would play a match with the next morning. She was a national level player, but I beat her in a three hour match 6-4, 4-6, 6-3. After that, it was a rather uneventful weekend.

The second week was mostly filled with tennis. Every morning from 9 to 11 I had practice, and I was one of the club's top players. I was grateful that I had practice because being rusty after a vacation is the worst feeling in the world, and avoiding it will be amazing. After practice, I usually went swimming for a few hours and then when evening came we went downtown for dinner and to walk around. Nothing interesting had happened so far, but I did really miss my dad, who would get there in another two weeks due to his job restrictions. I was staying with my mother's parents at the time. After this week, I would take a four day cruise and tour the Greek Islands!

Boarding the cruise was a swift process that went smoothly, thank goodness. We got on around 7 pm and ate dinner with my mother's parents, and her brother & wife. I was pretty unhappy because there wasn't wifi on the cruise but the food was good and the excitement of seeing the islands was starting to overwhelm my negativity. My mom had some stomach problems on the first night though, and was pretty miserable. In the morning she felt much better and ended up having a great time on the first island, Rhodes. It was a lot like Turkey, actually, but there were some cool sites we visited as well. One was called the Butterfly Valley; a tropical valley consisting of an abnormal amount of butterflies flying about. It was absolutely beautiful and had a kind of mystical feel that I thought was really cool. We then went to a popular beach to swim and eat lunch at, and then shopped in the downtown plaza for a few hours. That night we watched The Bridge to Terebithia on our TV, and my brother and I cracked up by joking about how horrible the movie was. It was a good time, ahaha. Next up was Mykonos, arguably the most popular island. We decided not to take the tour and discover it on our own, which was a mistake lmao. We spent a lot of time walking around and trying to find interesting things to see. We went to an extremely popular beach that had a bunch of teens, and it would've been fun, but it was so crowded that we mostly felt uncomfortable the whole time. On the bright side, we bought some souvenir shirts that looked pretty nice. This island was popular for its nightlife, so the cruise had docked and was to stay until the next morning. My mom opted not to stay and so neither did me and my brother. We got to the next island at around 2pm the next day so we didn't have too much time. In my opinion, this was the best island though. Santorini was gorgeous, and the architecture was so amazing. I'm sad that we only had an hour and a half to explore, because I would've loved to spend a whole day in that paradise. It was a perfect end to a good cruise, and we arrived in Turkey Thursday morning. My father came in from the airport at around Midnight Thursday, and the rest of the week was doing the same things as before, but with my dad.

Warning, sophomore drama ahead - One of the reasons I wasn't happy about going to Turkey was that I wouldn't have time to get to know this girl I was interested in. I had barely talked to her and so I was itching to do something about it. I decided to comment on one of her instagram pictures and compliment her. Soon, her friends were asking if I liked her and pestering me with questions etc. That was back in week two. At this point I had become even more impatient and so I sent her a facebook message explaining my predicament. I was worried she wouldn't appreciate it, but I got a cheerful message back and was feeling pretty good about it until her friend told me to stop creeping on her. Confused, I asked if I was, and then left the house, which meant no wifi. I entered torture for a few hours, waiting to get back to wifi and see the response. I guess it was just a joke because when I came back her answer was "no, you're fine". That was in week three. Now, in week four, I posted a "like for a tbh" picture on instagram, and when my crush liked it, I gave her a really sweet one that she said she loved. I was happy about that, but what was more, her friend (the same one that had said I was creeping her out) liked it, and responded to my tbh saying that she couldn't wait to be the third wheel in 'your date with ma gurl'. So, I'm hopeful that I didn't screw things up and possibly some things will happen when I get back hmm? Other than that, this week was pretty boring. I had tennis again from 9-11, and the last practice was a farewell to the group I had come to enjoy seeing. I hope I'll eventually see them again, but it was good to have a break from practicing so often. There's nothing more planned, so for now it's just enjoying the fact that I'm on vacation. n__n

That's my account! I hope you liked it if you read it all, and if you did, brownie points for you! That was way too long, lmao. I'm really excited to go back to America, buuut I also had a great time here in Turkey. It wasn't so bad after all!
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  1. Old Comment
    Zero°'s Avatar
    Butterfly valley sounds amazing, I'm kind of jealous aha. Did you take any pictures? Seems like you had a lot of fun there, despite a few bad moments. And I hope everything goes well with your crush!
    Posted August 6th, 2013 at 2:45 AM by Zero° Zero° is offline
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    Overlord Drakow's Avatar
    Good luck with the crush bro. And yeah I hate it when I go on holiday and don't practice my karate. I feel like utter crap when I get back into training, it's so bad.
    Posted August 6th, 2013 at 3:12 AM by Overlord Drakow Overlord Drakow is offline
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    Apple Juice's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Zero° View Comment
    Butterfly valley sounds amazing, I'm kind of jealous aha. Did you take any pictures? Seems like you had a lot of fun there, despite a few bad moments. And I hope everything goes well with your crush!
    Butterfly Valley was gorgeous, and I did take some pictures! I kept trying to get one to land on my finger, ahaha. It was a special place, and worth the travel to go check out! n__n

    And thanks both of you about my crush, hopefully all goes well. If not, what can I do? Also to Drakow, I hate it when I come back from long breaks, the first practice is torture. x(
    Posted August 6th, 2013 at 4:20 AM by Apple Juice Apple Juice is offline

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