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Gerri's Johto Journey

Posted September 10th, 2009 at 7:09 PM by Gerri Shin
Updated September 11th, 2009 at 2:17 PM by Gerri Shin

New Bark Town - Cherrygrove City

I woke up pretty late today, it was 9PM, I hate jet lag... Anyway I went outside to really check out my new town. I moved in this morning with mum, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to look around. I was greeted by this cute little Marill, it just came bounding up to me all happy and ‘bubbling’, pardon the pun. Its trainer was this neat looking brunette wearing overalls and a frumpy hat. SHe was really nice and I think she might have an interest in me. Well she took marill home and I set to work exploring my little town. I tried to leave, but this older woman stopped me and said I couldn’t go into the tall grass unless I had a Pokémon, so I decided to go see the town’s famous professor. Professor Elm was known world over for his study of Pokémon breeding, If I could get him on my side perhaps he would let me have my starter Pokémon sooner than most people. I’m not supposed to get it for another few months, but it’s worth a try.

The professor was really kind and welcoming, but the best part was when he received a sudden emergency email from a ‘Mr. Pokémon’, Apparently he has been helping Prof. Elm out lately and he found a discovery. Well this sent Elm into a frenzy and he almost forgot all about me. It wasn’t even until he almost tripped over me that he remembered that I was there. He apologized and gave it a quick thought before he decided that perhaps I could help him. Against all odds, Prof. Elm decided that He would allow me to borrow one of his reserved starters so that I could go meet Mr. Pokémon and bring back the report on what the big discovery was. I was thrilled! My first Pokémon adventure! I chose to befriend a Cyndaquil, I’ve always had an attraction to fire types and Cyndaquill always attracts the ladies (I don’t know a girl alive that doesn’t think a sleeping cyndaquil isn’t cute). So I returned home to let my mum know that I’ll be helping the professor out on this errand and she gave me a Pokégear so that I could call for help if I needed it. I set out onto route 29 towards Cherrygrove City after getting from Elm the directions and his Phone number.

I met a few nice people on the route and battled a couple Hoothoots which gave cyndaquil and I a chance to see how we reacted and battled together. We won every battle handily and received a few experience points in the process.

Cherrygrove City - Mr. Pokémon’s house

When I arrived in Cherrygrove, I was immediatly hooked into a tour of the town by a kindly, albeit pushy, older gentleman who proceeded to explain things like Centers and Marts to me. I was greatful for the reminder, but was pleasantly surprised at the end when he gave me a new pair of running shoes. They felt great once I got them on. I healed up at the pokémon center and began to go towards Route 30 when the tour gentleman hurried up to me and proceeded to award me with a map card expansion for my Pokégear. He said that every young trainer should have one of those and couldn’t understand why my mum had forgotten it, but he had one and was happy to give it to a nice young trainer like myself. I kindly thanked the man for the gifts and continued on to Route 30.

Route 30 held quite a few brave rattatas, but Cyndaquil was raring to go and grew quite a bit from those rattatas. We made it to Mr. Pokémon’s house just before midnight, I knocked, hoping I wasn’t waking the man. He answered pretty quickly and didn’t look too tired at all. It appears that he was still super excited about his discovery. He invited me in and showed me what appeared to be a Pokémon egg with these weird colours and shapes on it, I’d never seen an egg like that before though the markings did resemble those patterns found on the super rare Togekiss. We were so invloved with the egg I almost didn’t notice Mr. Pokémon’s other guest. The Famed Professor Oak was also there, I could hardly believe that I was able to meet the great Professor Oak. He was just as jovial and lighthearted as Elm and Mr. Pokémon, it gave me Butterfrees in my stomach. After we were done discussing the Egg, I began to gather my things so that I could begin the trek back to New Bark Town so that I could relay all of the findings to Prof. Elm when Mr. Pokémon told me that it was nearing 3am and that he would feel better if I set out in the morning. So I kipped on the couch and prepared to set out at dawn.
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