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The reason I'm not out of Windvisibility just yet.

Posted February 5th, 2017 at 7:33 PM by Starry Windy
Updated February 5th, 2017 at 7:46 PM by Starry Windy

In case you checked my post in Leaving/Return thread in days ago, I was taking a break because I wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year in another city, which in itself is very festive! However, as explained in one of my latest post, even after I came back from the trip, I didn't break out of Windvisibility just yet, because I have several reasons for this...

Actually, I've been planning to bring my current laptop to the service for a while now, because I feel like it was having some issues. First, I have noticed that my laptop has been overheating quite recently, as warned by the system itself. Even though I have prepared the mini fan in the back, it still didn't help much that time. Second, I need some replacement for the battery which seems to running out of juice these days. And the last reason is that I wanted to expand the RAM, possibly to around 8-12 GB if possible, which will be useful when I wanted to put some of my work, especially if it needs some heavy duty memory. Hey, it might mean that I can multitask properly if there are enough memories in my laptop!

So then, as of right now, I'm typing this blog on my old laptop, and even though I may post a bit, I hope you don't mind me extending my Windvisibility just a bit for a few days until my main laptop's ready, hopefully soon, because when it's done, I'll be fully out of Windvisibility, and ready to get fully active again!

Until then, take care!
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