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My thoughts on the new pokemon: Part 5

Posted November 23rd, 2016 at 8:14 PM by Desert Stream~
Updated November 27th, 2016 at 9:02 AM by Desert Stream~

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Dewpider: I have to say, this is one of the stranger pokemon introduced. It looks kind of like an Ultra Beast, not like something from the pokemon dimension. Interesting that it's best stat is spe. def.

Araquanid: pretty much the same comments about this one as Dewpider. It's definitely defense based, with an ability that lowers the power of moved, and a high spe. def. stat.

EDIT: Araquanid is actually pretty good in competitive. It can setup with Stockpile/Double Team/Aqua Ring, then run toxic to finish the job. Of course smogon has the evasion clause, but in wifi battles it will be pretty viable.

Fomantis: Fomantis is a pretty cute pokemon. I do wonder why it isn't a bug type, as it and it's evolution's names both contain "Antis" which is most likely derived from Mantis.

Lurantis: Honestly, I thought Lurantis was going to be one of the best grass types at first. It has the contrary ability, so I thought it would make great use of Leaf Storm, like Seperior often does. However, it doesn't learn Leaf Storm, and it's highest base stat is attack, not special attack.

Morelull: I like this pokemon a lot. It's nice to have a mushroom that isn't a parasite, or poisonous. I am slightly disappointed that it went the route of a single mushroom, and not a mushroom circle like the leaks said. Oh well.

Shiinotic: I don't like Shiinotic as much as Morelull, but I still like it. It's abilities are interesting, but not great. Rain dish kinda sucks because it's a grass type. What's with all these bad hidden abilities?

Salandit: Yet another pokemon I think would benefit more from it's standard ability than it's hidden ability. Oh well. At least it looks cool!

Salazzle: Not a huge fan of gender only evolution. We don't need another Combee. And everyone thought they were gonna stop the series because it was too hard to catch them all :p It's Corrosion ability is really nice, and it does have good stats. Special attack and speed will be interesting.

Bounsweet: I like bounsweet, it's a simple, yet good design. It's abilities are also good, although they don't get much use.

Steenee: This is a pokemon you could build a strategy around before evolving it. It loses it's oblivious ability when it evolves, so if you wanted to make use of the ability, you would need to stop it from evolving.

Tsareena: I have mixed feelings about this pokemon. I'm not a huge fan of human clothing on pokemon (Crowns in this case) But I don't really mind it on Tsareena. It's stats go up by a ton when it evolves, and it gets a neat signature ability, so it's worth checking out.
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