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What did I do New Years?

Posted January 1st, 2009 at 2:31 PM by Nina

I hung out here of course! Kinda, hehe. Everyone else went to a spades tournament with family, but I don't like being around drinking or smoking so I don't go.
:D But my bestest friend Kiri got to come over as her mom was going to go out drinking too.

We watched episodes of Tenchi Muyo and The Adolescence of Utena while talking to Zet on my new MSN. (Feel free to add me!) At that point she fell in love with him, and decided to make a fanclub. (But I did all the manual work. D: Typing, banner, font styling.)
xD Still waiting to be approved. Now she's forced to be active here if she wants to talk to him. >:D

The funniest moment of the night would be while we played Ultimate Band for the Wii, and I was playing drums. To hit the cymbals you have to ..punch the Wiimote to the right or left. Well I played both cymbals and the same time and disconnected the nunchuck. xD

We drew a bit too. We both tried out the Utena style, and I kinda like it. I like the mouth shape more than the way the hair or eyes are, and a little of the nose. Next time I draw something in my style I might incorprate that type of lips.

Going to the mall was our plan but staying up till 4 in the morning and waking up at 2 PM killed that!

I did not make a new years resolution because I know I wouldn't keep it. And I'm not starting on a new slate because I still have crap to do.
  • Sprites
  • Trades
  • THEA Art
  • Homework >:

If no one noticed I like using lists as of recent. :3
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    Lucy Lu's Avatar
    Wow, it seems you guys had fun! I love Tenchi and Utena. Those are pretty awesome anime. ^^
    Posted January 3rd, 2009 at 9:06 AM by Lucy Lu Lucy Lu is offline