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Shine Diamond episode 70--The Afterpost

Posted June 17th, 2019 at 10:30 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash and Dawn struggle with a medical emergency while Brock is away!

First of all, this episode marks the halfway point of the story! Thank you to all who have read and left reviews!

The biggest change in this episode was taking the evil team out--Stormy getting sick was enough of a plot on its own.

Ash doesn't have Gliscor in the remix, so only Estrella goes to get Brock.

All of Ash's strategy thoughts are actual in game sleep counters.

Cheez-fetti are a Pokeworld snack similar to Cheetos that are available around the world. The flavor names usually have something to do with parties, dancing, or celebrations (a mozzarella flavor is known as Mozzarella Mambo, and a Swiss flavor is named Swiss Shindig, for example) Cheddar Party is a stronger version of the standard Cheez-fetti flavor, Cha-cha-Cheddar.

Teddiursa Grahams are a Pokeworld counterpart of the real Teddy Grahams.

Starlite Crunch is Dawn's favorite cereal, which is why Brock is picking it up while at the store.

Dawn treats Ash much nicer in the remix, giving him things to do to keep his mind off of obsessing over strategies. (the TV shows they find were generated from a cartoon generator and a magical girl team namer)

Sparkeez is a medicine used to treat voltage overloads--Brock does call back to Lightning Yellow when he mentions how Tintri used to get them.

Next time, Dawn faces off against one of her mother's rivals in the Celestic Contest!
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