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Hey I'm Dedenne1 aka Dedenne, Hanbei, Electric Hampster Fairy, Nowi and many other nicknames. (just call me dedenne or hanbei) Im in Highschool still and I live in the US on the East Coast and although i hate the weather here its a great place to be. Ive loved pokemon since i was 7 when i first played Leafgreen and it was so fun! Since then ive bought every game and played them to the end.

I never was really a competitive battler or shiny hunter and mostly casually played. Ive only recently gotten into competitve battling but im slowly getting better and better mostly because we have an awesome battle server here. I began shiny hunting, breeding and chaining about the time XY came out and have slowly gotten better even to the point where i have enough to own a trade shop.

So as far as PC goes i joined in like 2013 for rom hacking as im sure many people have and then very slowly began to venture out into the outer forums... Since then i began to love sections like TWL, Pokemon Clubs, and PT, each section I find very interesting but Pokemon Clubs was the first section i really enjoyed and i still own my club from the beginning.

Besides PC and Pokemon in real life I enjoy swimming, reading, writing, movies, and some other videogames like Smash Bros and Fire Emblem. And ya thats me and basically what i will post in this blog will be probably some gibberish and more gibberish and maybe 1-2 interesting things.
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My Stupid Hiatus

Posted April 27th, 2016 at 5:10 PM by Dedenne1

So just a quick blog post for anyone wondering... As some of you or none of you or perhaps a couple of you or whatever may know I've been gone for like months...once again. But this is not cause I'm like getting bored with pokemon or the forum or the people here AT ALL. It is mostly due to school cause y'know I'm like a junior in Highschool and its like my hardest year and all that and although I'm not struggling in my classes or anything its just a lot of work. Plus there's like work and such so yeah thats all been a burden. In like February i got my winter break though which allowed me a lot of time on here to help manage my club, post in PT like a madman, go on the battle server etc. etc. But then there's been two things killing me on top of the normal school and work. One is Math seriously I hate math so much i dont even wanna say the word its just like disgusting haha. Anyways we took midterms and then we got those grades back alittle after winter break aka right when i dropped of the PC grid. I got my math grade back and boy was it low as heck. So now I tried really hard in third quarter and I'll be honest here first quarter was an 83 second quarter was a 77 and I wasnt really trying cause omg its matttttttth, but then 3rd quarter holy crap its a 63. Like I've never failed a class so that was big so now I'm like on overdrive with trying to get that up although its hard when you dont know the material. Anyways second reason oh ya so the second reason is cause I recently got like an app for group chats and I started group chatting with like 12 of my friends from school blah blah blah and bottomline is we started rping in it which is quite fun i gotta say, but its not like your traditional rp you get like fake money for each post which is based off your salary which is based off your job and it can be affected on where you live haha its soooooo complicated. But beyond that I'm also writing a book about the rp and the world that its in so yeah now thats a fraction of my schedule lol. So yeah you guys get the point especially if you actually read all this cause then you are either a reallllllly creepy stalker or your a true friend <3 So I do hope to be back by summer and for now ill just be checking in whenever stalking PT and the like haha so I hope to see you all soon I miss this forum soooooooooooooooooo much! :D
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  1. Old Comment
    Sun's Avatar
    Lotta people are leaving or going hiatus, sigh...

    Miss you lots, my buddy (or shall I say, dad?)~
    Posted April 27th, 2016 at 7:58 PM by Sun Sun is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Lycanthropy's Avatar
    Can't wait to see you back in Summer. Good luck with maths and stuff!
    Posted April 27th, 2016 at 11:57 PM by Lycanthropy Lycanthropy is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Zanza's Avatar
    School and life can really take away from your free time in general, so going on hiatus is no biggie. Do your best and see ya in Summer maybe? :3
    Posted April 28th, 2016 at 8:12 AM by Zanza Zanza is offline

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