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The Road to Competition: Searching...

Posted June 26th, 2013 at 3:46 PM by Griffinbane
Updated September 20th, 2013 at 9:15 AM by Griffinbane

I started seriously looking for a venue location over the weekend. Day 4 into the search and the results: absolutely nothing. Well gee, no wonder Philly has no venues. THERE'S NO PLACE TO HOLD THEM.


Redcap's Corner: Already has a TGC league going on. Asking them to convert their league to both TGC and VG would be extremely awkward and besides, a league can have only one organizer... officially, anyway.

Tacony Branch: Summer schedule. Not open on the weekends. Unless I want to hold the event on Friday evening and let the kids skip home in the dark, not happening. It's a second backup though, just need to wait for the schedule to flip back to normal. Too bad it's not open on Sundays, I would have to change my volunteering schedule to make it work. I LOVE THE SATURDAY STAFF, MAN, EVEN IF WE'RE UNDERSTAFFED! Stupid hard decisions.

Central Branch: Under renovation. Apparently their staff shoved everything that was in the way into the empty rooms that would be available otherwise. Soonest available room: January. Ugh, third backup.

Northeast Branch: "Sorry, but the rules state that a group can reserve a room only six times a year." Good for tournaments, terrible for league. Next!

Brave New Worlds: Old City location is waaaaaay too cramped for anything but sales. Too bad.

7th Dimension Games: Best option for now. It's outside the city, but only just, and still accessible by bus. First backup. A likely location (at least, temporarily, until one of the other options open up) if the others agree.


Unfortunately, there are ZERO locations that are in the Northeast. And very, very few places in the city that are suitable to host a venue like this. Geez, Philly! Do you hate collectible card games or just the stores dedicated to them? The search continues.

Oh, and I still haven't emailed Dorian yet. If the search continues on like this, I'll never have to. -cringes-
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