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Farewell... Leaving the community and my Hack for someone else...

Posted February 20th, 2018 at 3:21 AM by kelewele_
Updated February 20th, 2018 at 5:42 PM by Sheep

I worked on this game for a couple of summers and it was great fun. Sadly, I never got to finish and have more important things to do.
My goal was to make an internal pokemon game where you could catch/obtain all pokemon one way or another (either with an event or very low encounter ratio),
visit first three regions and battle more people in a challenging way (added 30 levels to emerald 'final' league).
It's basically a cross between Yellow, Crystal and Emerald all done in Fire Red with a few twists.
I hope you can complete what I started or make it your own.

Things I changed/added:
- Start with Pikachu (collect starters like yellow)
- Garys Pokemon and levels
- League levels
- Rebattle gym leaders after league, change levels, they will give you 'unobtaibable' according to type,
eg. 5th poison gym leader gives you Gengar, gth spychic pyshic leader gives Alakazam
- Giovani rematch on the way to catch Mewtwo
- Mew event taking you to his island as it was in Emerald
his event based on finding old sea map in lost cave
- Whole internal/external maps
- All/most npcs
- All pokemon encounters
- Safari zone from HG/SS
- Started environments

- Town map a little messed up (was never sure how to add new ones eg. johto, hoenn)
- Couldn't change/add new names so everyplace is 'Pallet Town'
- Wasn't sure how to script 'starting again' from kanto to johto where you temporarily lose access to pokemon (till beating new rival or going to Hoenn League etc)
(Thought maybe boxes with pokemon in them would be locked, idk)
- Adding new sprites and battles without overwriting another

May have forgotten a few things, was quite a while ago.
Good Luck

Regards kelewele_

Download Link - (REMOVED BY STAFF) Download links to ROMs are not permitted.
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