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Shine Diamond episode 64--The Afterpost

Posted May 6th, 2019 at 10:44 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash takes on Wake for his fourth badge, with Tails evolving because of Wake's Floatzel!

The big change for this episode was Tails evolving. Originally, Tails did not evolve in the DP arc, but I wanted him to evolve just to see what Ash's team would look like if he did. It also sets up for a possible callback to one of my more heartpounding moments playing Diamond, when the original Tails came through for me against Fantina at the last moment.

The evil team was cut from the episode, as per the competition rule.

Instead of Ash battling Dawn, he shows off appeals with Tails for her. Since he used Tintri in the Wallace Cup, I worked around his creative idea by saying he saw an unnamed coordinator use it.

Wake's Floatzel Nami is a reference to "One Piece". His Gyarados and his Quagsire's names mean "hurricane" and "torrent", respectively.

Tarina calls back to Moonlight Silver by using the "brickabracka, firecraka" cheer for Ash, just as his supporters did when he faced Gary in Johto. This won't be the last time someone uses that cheer to cheer Ash on!

I sped up the battle with Nami by taking Tintri out of that fight and allowing Tails to beat her on his own, setting up for the new evolution.

Next time, the group spends the day at a mansion, and the royal treatment spurs Satomi to evolve!
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