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Eevee breeding woes

Posted November 18th, 2017 at 1:14 PM by Superstrength79

I started farming and breeding Eevee in Pokemon X (thanks to that clutch Friend Safari). I spent the time finding female Eevee with the hidden ability and captured one in each kind of ball (in case you didn't know, Master Ball isn't inherited by baby Pokemon). I was stoked to see that we can get access to the remaining balls (from versions before X/Y) in Sun/Moon. I've always wanted an Umbreon (currently my favorite Eeveelution) in a Moon Ball.

I don't know what the capture rate is for Moon Ball (I know it's for Pokemon that actually evolve with Moon Stone), but OMG does it take forever to even find an Eevee with her hidden ability, but only having ONE ball to use and having it almost guarantee fail is crushing my soul.

Almost makes me want to buy a power save so I can give myself a lot of the special ball types. Currently, I just have to reset after failing to capture so I don't lose the ball.
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