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A Foxxy History Lesson


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A Foxxy History Lesson

Posted September 28th, 2013 at 11:22 AM by Mana

I'm gonna forget most of my time, so here are some highlights.

> Joined in 2009 after seeing pictures of Shiny Gold, downloaded that (and barely played it, to be honest).
> Lasted a month or so, disappeared.

> Came back a few months later in a moment of boredom and started learning how to ROM Hack. Lasted a month or two then disappeared again.

> Tried a second time to come back, still didn't really venture out of the ROM Hacking section but I did try Game Development for all of a week! (Hurrah!)

> THIRD TIME LUCKY? I released another ROM Hack called Pokémon Sanctuary. Although the hack didn't go well I did get inspired to look in the RP section of pokécommunity and submitted my very first roleplay here... which didn't last long as I went inactive again.

> Number four! Christ alive. Am I here to stay? Who knows. It is now Late 2011 and I am working on Pokémon: Golden Oak. It's going well, I'm becoming quite adept at this, I prided myself on my mapping mostly. Work on that hack did slow, around that time I was exploring the world of PC a bit more - I become a hacking mentor, helping new arrivals find their feet, and ventured to places such as D&D as well as the Welcome Lounge. It was around this time that I first started talking to people like Megan and Andy (I believe?). I also recall really wanting to be a ROM Hacking/Emulation Moderator ;).

> So I went missing again, until around exam time at uni. I attempted my final ROM Hacking venture, but it didn't work out. I carried on roaming, eventually settling in the roleplay corner. It is now the summer of 2012 and I'm ready for a flurry of activity.
> Roleplay: Danger on the S.S. Anne - I felt so accepted by the RPC after it set off like a spark, it was pretty successful and so fun to be a part of. Unfortunately died when people returned back to school in september (and I headed to do a PGCE).
> Roleplay: Sword Art Online: Infinity - Managed to win an award during the roleplay awards, which was amazing. This was super too, but a lot more freeform - I managed to keep this open (barely) until the winter.

> Uni life caught up with me, and my streak of activity ended January 2013. However, I came back with a vengeance in May 2013 and went into full RP mode.
> Game of Pokémon: A reasonable success for a comeback roleplay, lasted a few solid months.

> June 29th was the day I was asked to become co-moderator of the Roleplay Corner. At the time I didn't actually know what I was meant to be a moderator of, it was a confusing morning. Sadly the person who invited me to modship isn't around anymore.

> A few roleplays later, and after a quick account change, and here I am. Managing (just about) to juggle modship with a full time job amongst other things. I've met loads of people over my >4 year here and, thankfully, most of them are still around. I'm clinging to this place, and hope I get to keep it in my life a while longer.

Also everyone should go join the roleplay corner.
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    Meganium's Avatar
    So, sir Fox...when's the exam? Is all that going to be on the final?

    Ahh I remember when you were just a little fox eager to learn about anything. <3 MY YOU'VE GROWN.
    Posted September 29th, 2013 at 8:37 AM by Meganium Meganium is offline

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