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Part 2 of the movie remix delayed

Posted September 12th, 2018 at 2:07 PM by EmeraldSky

After I got some feedback asking for more worldbuilding, I decided to take advantage of that, and so I need a little more time to explore what I could include in the revamped Alamos Town, plan what I want to include, and how to make it fit into the existing story without derailing it.

While I have how to make it fit figured out (and reaffirming that Pokemon battling is not everything in this Pokeworld), I still have to figure out what activities for the gang and their new friends to do, and how much to include without dragging the story down.

Knowing that Alamos Town is inspired by Spain gave me some ideas--the gang gets to try the Pokeworld equivalent of tapas, Brock gets to show off his guitar skills (I am mulling whether or not Ash and Dawn will do an impromptu flamenco dance or not, but they get to show off their musical talents as well). They also get a chance to play a popular board game (which is based on the real life board game Azul), but there will be video games and possibly tabletop RPGs involved as well.

I should have the episode up by Saturday.
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