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New writing idea (not pokemon...)

Posted 16 Minutes Ago at 11:35 AM by slyfox198

I don't exactly know if it's a good thing to post this here because it's not pokemon related, but I need to get this out somewhere lol

I've been thinking of a story involving aliens (I know it seems boring already) but as a bundle of parasites. Essentially backstory goes that there was one giant parasite that successfully found a host smart in decision making since the parasite needs a smart host in order to be smart itself.
Anyways, the parasite had offspring and they eventually...
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October's Curse Quest, Pt. 2

Posted 22 Hours Ago at 1:49 PM by slyfox198
Updated 14 Minutes Ago at 11:37 AM by slyfox198

October's Curse Quest
in: Pokemon Blue
challenge: Mansion Extravaganza
Part 2

October, a youngling forced to go out and collect all the gym badges to save himself from a wicked series of curses, is our protagonist. He started off with Spuds, a Bulbasaur, and soon after caught a Nidoran, which he named Poke-Rex. After blazing through the starting forest, and a battle from his snobby rival, Gary, October faces off against Brock and wins in two...
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