I journal about collecting one of each card from all English-language base sets and expansions (with a few exceptions/conditions). I keep it short and sweet, and concentrate on observations and tales of adventure, not lists of what cards I got on a given day.
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...Let Me Count The Ways!

Posted June 8th, 2010 at 6:48 PM by piecemeal

:cer_love: What I love about collecting Pokemon... :cer_love:

There is a discrete universe of cards and everything in it is defined. The universe was there, created by others. I put limits on it according to my interest and called that set "my collection". So it's unique to me - at least a little bit, like a planet created from cards in Culdcept Saga. It's something wonderful that I helped create.

The collection is something that can be completed. All I have to do is fill in the spaces. My collection is a big, empty grid that fills in slowly with happy little pieces of art.

It's a peaceful use of time, and reasonably affordable, with an enjoyable end product.

Collecting is a quest of dedication, not of skill. If you keep at it there's no way to fail. It isn't a career or profession that requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and the acquisition of expertise. I don't have to be anybody, or cope with real-world challenges. I don't have to care about anything that I don't want to, or be responsible. Success is easy. It is no more difficult than buying and enjoying cards.

I feel happy about each card, and relish the moments of discovering them. Every card is special because there is only one of it in the collection. Every one has a place, and that is its only place. There's no thinking. No mistakes of consequence. No tragedy or complex problems to face. Every new card I find is a little victory, equal to all others, by some measure, in it's glory.
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