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Black 2 Nuzlocke Team and Deaths!

Posted July 6th, 2019 at 11:50 PM by PageEmperor

Here we go. Currently grinding for the final gym.


Ogre the Serperior (M), Docile, Loves to eat
My starter, nothing particularly outstanding but he does work.

Wrestle the Stoutland (M), Adamant, Sturdy body
Wrestle is a destroyer. Intimidate, good nature, destroys almost everything? Yes.

I'm Peeing the Wailord (M), Modest, Good perseverance
Now my main Water mon, plan to eventually give him Toxic.

Labs the Chandelure (F), Modest, Alert to sounds
Added to the team as soon as I saw that nature. Definitely has been useful.

Slici the Bisharp (M), Adamant, Quick tempered
Remember when I called Bisharp overrated? I still think that but now I can see how beastly it is. I can now understand how it is so good.

Cahnex the Skarmory (F), Hardy, Often dozes off
I needed her for the Dragon gym and she delivered well. Hope to see her be a good teammate later on as well.


Bombie the Venipede: Forgot how she died, must be to Bide or somthing.

Jhak the Timburr: Died to a Klink.

Jaddles the Koffing: I think she died to a random wild.

Hat dude the Emolga: Died to a triple battle in the cave where evrything on his side bodied him. Probably my saddest death, he was actually a really good teammate that I would have liked to take all the way.

Dopliyo the Swanna: Died to the Dragon gym. Honestly the least sad death of the run. He just wasn't useful once we cleared the Ground gym which is why I even needed him. Everything on my gang did everything he could do but better.

Overall, this game is much better that I have remembered! I don't like the pacing of the plot, but I do feel as if I took this game way too seriously back 4 years ago. The parts that repeat BW1 aren't anything too interesting but everything else is fun!
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