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PokeWorld : S1 , EP3!

Posted July 2nd, 2017 at 4:31 AM by U-Hacks

Last Episode :
Brey Catch a pichu and started travelling with him.

EPISODE 3 : A New Friend!

Brey is travelling with pichu and going to viridian city.

"So Viridian city is in the north of us."

"Hey wait!", A boy said.

"huh? Who are you?",Said Brey, "I have not met you anywhere"

"I'm Drake", Said Drake,"I'm boy living in Viridian City, I like to catch fishes so, i'm here to catch fishes."

"wow!", Brey Said, "You have pokemon?"

"Yes", Said Drake, "I have a Geodude and a Charmander."

"So can we battle a 1vs 1 match?", Said Brey, "This will be my first Battle."

"Ok, So let's start.", Said Drake.

The Battle :
Brey : Go Pichu!
Drake : A Pichu, Go Charmander!

Brey : Use Thunder Bolt Pichu!
Drake : Dodge it & use Scratch!

Brey : oh no, Pichu use Charm!
Drake : My Charmander is a male. It doesn't work. Use Scratch!

Brey : Dodge it & use thunder bolt!
Drake : oh, you're strong, Charmander use Scratch Again!

Brey : Again Dodge it & use Tackle!
Drake : dodge it!

Brey : Use Thunder Bolt!
Drake : Dodge it & use Metal Claw!

Brey : Pichu, Use Tackle!
Drake : use Metal Claw!

Brey : Hooray! I won!
Drake : You did great, Come back charmander!

Well, You battled great", said Drake, "Will you come with me to Viridian City?"

"Yes! Of course", Said Brey, "Let's go together!"

To Be Continued...

Help brey to catch his first Pokemon!
Which Type should be the pokemon that will brey catch?

Next Episode:
Brey Will catch A Pokemon!!!!


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