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Where does the answer lead.

Posted 1 Day Ago at 12:31 PM by simone1234
Updated 1 Day Ago at 6:56 AM by simone1234

The world is changing step by step, slowly like the snails in your garden.

What do you think will happen to our earth ?

Will we be forgotten ?

Wil we even survive ?

There are plans for transfer but what if we are too late ?

Just when the unexpected comes near us, we might get forgotten, the darkness is coming.

Be happy with what you have.

Try to be positive until the unexpected comes slowly...
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Don't underestimate the enemy/opponent.
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Shine Diamond episode 51b--The Afterpost

Posted 2 Days Ago at 9:13 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, Dawn manages to inspire Maylene to fight again even though she loses the battle.

The biggest change was reshuffling Dawn's team to account for the remixed teams. The evil team was also removed, as I have a very specific place I want Team Galactic to appear.

Ash telling Dawn about the moves Maylene and her team used and how they work in Contests was new for the story. I wanted to reinforce that Dawn is still focusing on Contests, so I thought this would be...
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Make the Colors in the Sky!
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The little boy and the bigger guy.

Posted 3 Days Ago at 12:09 PM by simone1234
Updated 23 Hours Ago at 11:08 AM by simone1234 (Fxing)

Once upon a time there was a Bob (7/8 years old) who was small, one day bob went to school and when there was free time he went outside (he was not the only one, cause outside there were many people.

He saw that someone was maybe in ''trouble'' atleast that is how he remembers.

There was a guy named Michael small like him (also 7/8 years) who he thought was in trouble.

Then there was also a bigger guy who went with the name ''Bull'' .(12/13 years old)...
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Don't underestimate the enemy/opponent.
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Plot for some hack in the future. :)

Posted 4 Days Ago at 11:57 PM by Ace Trainer Slash
Updated 4 Days Ago at 12:03 AM by Ace Trainer Slash

Hello. :)

On one of the recent blogs I've made, I had decided to show a tidbit of information about a script I'd put in for a future hack of mine. (which now I've read it again, sounds really edgy, I'm probably going to change something with it, not sure what though.)

And so, at this point in time, I've created a base story for this future hack, specifically how it involves the protagonists parents. This is just a basic summary of the parent's roles are in the hack, as...
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I still can't make scripts without guides.
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The earth & The sky & Between.

Posted 5 Days Ago at 8:08 PM by simone1234

Long time ago there was a person who saw people in panic. He decided to invent something to calm people down, what did he invent ?

A) a Story of god / pope etc ?

B) a story After death we go to king kai.

C) Dogs and cats ?

To be continued.
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Don't underestimate the enemy/opponent.
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