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Bodyweight Day - Sept 9, M

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Bodyweight Day - Sept 9, M

Posted September 9th, 2013 at 4:19 PM by Kanzler
Updated September 9th, 2013 at 7:24 PM by Kanzler


Chinups - attempted 3 x 3, turned out to be 4-3-2 XD [None of them were assisted, but probably only 4 of them were explosive. I also only have strength in my ROM from 0 to 135 degrees, I can't do the last quarter, so I tried some negatives and working out the part of the chinup spanning 135 - 170~ degrees when I got home on the jungle gym (They're really good for negatives).]

Lunges, back foot elevated what seems to be 1.5 foot - done all 3 x 15

Pushups - attempted 3 x 12, turned out to be 15-15-12 [Doing 12's was probably a better idea, my last few on the last set were atrocious even though form was good - arms were trembling, and I felt no strength/contraction in my triceps for some reason. Pushups might be overworked :\]

Lateral shoulder raises, 8 lbs - 3 x 10 [as expected, last reps of last set felt weak, I'll do 10 next time or maybe 12 if I feel lucky.]


Hamstring curl machine, I think 50 lbs? - 3 x 15 [I didn't like it, I don't know if I didn't use the machine properly, didn't feel comfortable. My first choice was hyperextensions, but women :|.]

Tricep dips, attempted 3 x 10, did 2 x 10 on a box and the last set was 110 lbs of a tricep press machine [It was a stupid idea doing dips on a box because my arms are too far back, but women :|]

Row machine, 50 lbs - 3 x 10. [I started with 70, but knocked it down to 50 - maybe because of fatigue from chinups? First choice was to do inverted rows, but women :| and too much of a noob to figure out whether bar was fixed or not.]

EDIT: Oh situps! I forgot to mention them, and I almost forgot to do them too. 3 sets of 15.

Plyos! Did 3 cycles of 50 box marches (1 foot) and 12 box jumps (2 feet), sets one after another, with 1 min rest between each cycle. Box marches were easy, I might think about adding weights or something. Box jumps were easy too so I did the jump up and the depth jumps one after another as quickly as I could.

Stupid agility workout - Over the course of 15 metres, advance 3~ metres, retreat 1.5. When I get to the end, retreat all the way back as quickly as I can without compromising footwork. Did 2 of those, 2 minutes rest in between. Attempted a third but not enough coordination.


Horrible. Had my protein bar at the end, but I had a class in half an hour. Bought the food, but was 5 minutes late to class and I didn't finish/couldn't start eating it until 2 1/2 hours later. Needless to say I was zoned out for most of class. A silver lining though, I woke up without bloat. Subbing half of my rice for brown bread is working out well.

2600 calories and 177 grams of protein omnomnomnom. Macros are 27/28/45.

Thoughts and Next Steps

Satisfied with workload. This could be my easy/medium day. Saw an old friend of mine, had awkward 5 minute I-know-you-from-3-years-ago-and-we-bump-into-each-other-on-the-street-but-never-say-more-than-hi conversation. Hopefully we see each other more often, unless we avoid each other, but something tell's me that's not sustainable. Also dude from my class and research group works out same time, MWF. So that's awesome. Two potential spotters!

Work on biceps to achieve strength throughout the entire range of motion. Be wary of how much triceps are being worked out with all these compound exercises. Add difficulty to plyos. Knock the agility to a rest day so I'm not tired when I do it, and to make sure I have enough time to eat as well. Also, avoid women's only hour.
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    Damn. I'd be amazed if you were still standing by the time everything's said & done!
    Posted September 9th, 2013 at 4:32 PM by Blade_of_darkness Blade_of_darkness is offline

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