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Pokemon Adventure! Pt2

Posted December 23rd, 2018 at 5:48 PM by Veil Loreraven

Name: Usalia
Gender: Female
First week:

This is gonna be a CRAZY long Diary entry because I have not written in like, so long and like, so much stuff has happend it is crazy! So like, my mom made me move to the Alola region, at first I was all super excited because it's like all tropical islands and junk, but it is super boring here. It's like living out in the boonies like some hill billy or something. But, I dunno, I guess some of the people are friendly and nice I guess. But a lot has happened and I gotta like pen this all in here for my memories. A couple days ago this weird looking weasel pokemon attacked me when all I was doing was just walking along and minding my own business on Route 1. Luckily three really nice pokemon came rushing up in front of me and scared it off, YAY FOR ME, I'm like totally saved! All of them were like really cute too! Anyway, to make this part short, they belonged to my cousin Kukui a pokemon professor and he let me pick one of them to keep and I totally went with the kitty that I named Kitty! Still have kitty as a pet too! So then the most crazy thing ever, I got sucked into this pokemon trainer thing! I know right?! CRAYZAAAAYYY!!! It all happened after I followed this girl lillie who I thought was like- the Isla

nd Kahuna but wasn't and her weird looking purple cloud pokemon was being attacked by spearow. I still don't like know why, but I totally ran out and tried to save it. I was just too scared and junk to like think about anything. Next thing I know I am like falling down cuz the bridge like blew up and some other weird pokemon saved me! It''s like I am totally in tune with pokemon and they really like me or something, especially this dog looking thing I was told is called a Rockruff or something that I met earlier, it's so totally cute too!

Anyway, I was given this lucky charm bracelet that I still don't really quite fully get what it's for but it's a KILLER fashion accessory and it goes with like, literally everything! So, Once I figure out I am gonna be like, a pokemon trainer and junk, and I am pretty good at it too because I totally beat the Kahuna's grandson in a pokemon battle and some other losers too!, I realized I really don't want to get kitty hurt or anything, I would feel really bad if I did. So I got some money from my mom and we went to Pokazon.com and ordered me some super low level pokemon. I didn't know what to pick so I like, found this seller who was just giving out completely random pokemon. We ordered them for next day deliver too so they would show up at the pokecenter a little ways over!

Anyway, after a lot of preparing and a last chat with kukui about some stuff and junk, me and kitty made our way over to the pokemon center, finally right?, and we got the pokeballs that were sent to me. I swear I was like SO totally nervous and freaking oouuuuttt! I had like NO idea what I was getting yet and it could be anything! So one by one I let out each ball to see who they were, but first I was all like, I totally need a main pokemon and I like used the power of my star sign and psychic intuition to like totally help the universe point to me which ball had my main pokemon in it and the cosmos totally gave me a really CUE-TAY! It was a WHITE SANDSHREW!, and I was all like, O.M.G! I later found out from my pokedex that some pokemon in this region are like, different than others, somehow I guess?, and like, this one is ICE TYPE! YAY! I named him Raditz!

Then the next was super ugly but also some kind of Variant! It was a horrible Geodude, Yuuuuukkk!! But I guess the Nurse there said something about how it's like, really useful in fighting when it get's stronger and something about defence pokemon with something I guess, so I guess I am ok with him, plus, he is kind of quite so he probably won't bug me too much, :smile: I couldn't think of a name but like some geologist guy who like overheard me talking and suggested the name Breccia, which is like, a rock of some kind, and he told me it was a GIRL?!!! HOW CAN A ROCK HAVE A GENDERRR??!! I KNOW CRAZAYYYY!! RIGHT?!

So my next was like, a cutie bulbasaur I named Brobasaur! L.O.L! After that I struck GOLD with a Lapris and named it Nessie. Then an Ugly Little Male Nidoran, but that's ok, I might not know a ton about this pokemon stuff yet, but I totally know what this thing turns into when it becomes a daddy nidoran!, they are like...totally vicious and mean...and strong. I named him Baal. The last one was probably like, the best one of the bunch which is a Cleffa that I named him Prelude. So anyway, I am gonna rest for a day and then head out on this Island Challenge thing where I got to go to each island and beat the kahuna there and do something else or something I guess? Write to you later!
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