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Moonlight Silver episode 114b--The Afterpost

Posted January 6th, 2018 at 1:16 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the group teams up with Harrison to corral the three rogue Pokemon, allowing Ash to show Harrison the power of Mega Evolution, and Harrison to show Ash an exotic Houen Pokemon!

Aside from adding in Mega Evolution (something Ash will use in the League proper), I also had to explain why Harrison doesn't have his Heart Song Awakened yet (he couldn't find a place to do so, although he wants to induce both his Houndoom Anubis and his Blaziken Apollo)

In the original, the Pokedex had no data on Blaziken (as was the case when the show was on the cusp of a new generation), but in the remix, the Pokedex does have data on every known Pokemon to this point--it just may be very limited at first, then more info may be added later with upgrades.

I did foreshadow RSE a little bit, never mind we will be leapfrogging over to Shinou when this story completes.

Next time, the League preliminaries get underway!
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