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802+ Pokemon Retrospective - Gen 2 (Part 1)

Posted December 11th, 2016 at 6:31 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated July 1st, 2017 at 11:10 PM by Rainbow Chara X

Oh snap, here comes Gen 2! Talking about any region other than Kanto or Alola is refreshing in its own right thanks to all the Sun and Moon stuff I've seen already.

Rating scale:

[B][COLOR=#00B0F0]Excellent[/COLOR][/B] (9-10 stars - [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/01a16886f58cc4a645157c2de0822440e698bbaf_r.png[/img] is a 10/10 rating)
[B][COLOR=#25C935]Good [/COLOR][/B](7-8 stars)
[B][COLOR=#cc9900]Servicable [/COLOR][/B](5-6 stars)
[B][COLOR=#E36C0A]Not A Fan[/COLOR][/B] (3-4 stars)
[B][COLOR=#FF0000]Hate[/COLOR][/B] (1-2 stars - don't worry about this one. I actually don't hate that many Pokemon.)

[FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, lucida grande, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=6][COLOR=#8205fe][B]Johto (#152-#200)[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=verdana, geneva, lucida, lucida grande, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][COLOR=#848484]

[B][Theme for this part: [URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5k0M7DwNUo"]Violet City[/URL]][/B]

Games:[LIST][*][I][B][COLOR=#cc9900]Gold[/COLOR], [COLOR=#9999cc]Silver[/COLOR], [COLOR=#009999]Crystal[/COLOR][/B][/I][FONT=inherit] (November 21st, 1999)[/FONT][*][FONT=inherit][I][B][COLOR=#cc9900]Heartgold[/COLOR][/B][/I][/FONT][I][B], [/B][/I][FONT=inherit][B][COLOR=#9999cc]Soulsilver[/COLOR] [/B](September 12th, 2009)[/FONT][/LIST]I have a ton of fond memories with Gen 2, arguably even more so than Kanto. My journey through Johto was through Crystal, so I don't know how Gold or Silver differ... but still, it was one hell of an experience.

The music is simply amazing and they gave the mechanics the proper fleshing out they deserved. There's genders and held items, they split Special into two stats and introduced the Steel and Dark types... along with everyone's favorite pastime (with one million quotation marks), shiny Pokemon. Not only that, it has easily one of the most extensive postgames in the series due to letting you explore the whole of Kanto!

Sure, all you do is fight the Gym Leaders and go to fight Red at the end, but the fact both regions connected to each other was an amazing prospect in of itself. Heartgold and Soulsilver are also one of the best remakes of a game I've seen in a long time - they're up there with Metroid Zero Mission. (Pokemon following you is the best.)

The Pokemon of Gen 2 seem to be geared more towards mythology, given how there's a lot of magical creatures (Misdreavus, Xatu, Unown, etc.) and emphasis placed on the effect they've had to humans in history (Ho-oh and Lugia's backstories, for one).

It's really cool stuff and I'm glad to share it with you guys.


[I][B]#152 - 154[/B][/I]: Meganium Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/3c5c5e35704649c3bdddf8afb7788fde_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Overgrow / Leaf Guard (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/b/bf/152Chikorita.png/600px-152Chikorita.png"]Chikorita[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/c/ca/153Bayleef.png/600px-153Bayleef.png"]Bayleef[/URL] (Level 16)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/d/d1/154Meganium.png/600px-154Meganium.png"]Meganium[/URL] (Level 32)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]525[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]80[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]82[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]100[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]83[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]100[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]80[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]This whole line of Pokemon are cuties. Chikorita in particular is my favorite, but that's all I can say about them.[*]I mean, I like their designs - they're dinosaur plants that serve as a softer and less threatening version of the Venusaur line without the poison typing. However... I never see them aside from using them to complete the National Dex and, regarding their stats and moveset, they're not that good at fighting.[*]Oh well, what can you do?[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]******[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#155 - 157[/B][/I]: Typhlosion Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/de8e095bcadd408785fdb615b49fd4d8_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Blaze / Flash Fire (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/9/9b/155Cyndaquil.png/600px-155Cyndaquil.png"]Cyndaquil[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/b/b6/156Quilava.png/600px-156Quilava.png"]Quilava[/URL] (Level 14)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/4/47/157Typhlosion.png/600px-157Typhlosion.png"]Typhlosion[/URL] (Level 36)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]534[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]78[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]84[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]78[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]109[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]85[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]100[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]One of my favorite Johto Pokemon in general - I attribute this to how cool they look, personal bias because they were the starter I picked when I first got the game, and how they were one of the strongest Pokemon in my team at the time.[*]They're flaming weasels with a boa of fire coming out of their backs, for christ's sake![*]Cyndaquil is precious, Quilava looks serious...[*]Typhlosion, on the other hand, is just pure badass. Their vicious disposition combined with their stance and fire-boa-thing gives off this whole "cross me and I break your legs" vibe. I love it.[*]Unfortunately, while they're strong in their own right, there's simply a large amount of [s]harder, better, faster, stronger[/s] Fire types that outclass Typhlosion. Tough luck, old pal.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]********[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#158 - 160[/B][/I]: Feraligatr Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/d269e8f4639d4eef8cd545a7c1c97fb5_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Torrent / Sheer Force (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/d/df/158Totodile.png/600px-158Totodile.png"]Totodile[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/a/a5/159Croconaw.png/600px-159Croconaw.png"]Croconaw[/URL] (Level 18)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/d/d5/160Feraligatr.png/600px-160Feraligatr.png"]Feraligatr[/URL] (Level 30)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]530[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]85[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]105[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]100[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]79[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]83[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]78[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]If Typhlosion didn't exist, Feraligatr and its crew would definitely take their spot as my favorites. Simply put, they're a bunch of crocodiles. Totodile and Croconaw are adorable, especially Croconaw with their sort of caveman child pattern on their body.[*]Feraligatr, though... [I]Whoof[/I]. They're stone-cold killas. Not only are they visually intimidating (despite not having Intimidate...), they hide around and move slowly until it's the best moment to strike. It's pretty badass,[*]It's also surprisingly viable thanks to a combination of Dragon Dance and Sheer Force, although outmatched by the likes of Gyarados with their fancy Mega Evolution.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#161 - 162[/B][/I]: Furret Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/ee072edcc67247fd8ed6796f2eb79445_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Run Away (1st) / Keen Eye (2nd) / Frisk (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/c/c5/161Sentret.png/600px-161Sentret.png"]Sentret[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/4/4b/162Furret.png/600px-162Furret.png"]Furret[/URL] (Level 15)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]415[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]85[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]76[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]64[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]45[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]55[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]90[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Sentret and Furret are both really cute. Forgive me if a lot of my remarks are literally just me gushing about how adorable the Pokemon are.[*]Sentret is a little scout while Furret is just a big bundle of fur and love.[*]Obviously, they're not good for any kind of serious fighting due to being a fodder Normal type, but design wise they pick up the slack for me.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]******[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#163 - 164[/B][/I]: Noctowl Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/ee072edcc67247fd8ed6796f2eb79445_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/b129b818979d4482a7307e7222a8a48c_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Insomnia (1st) / Keen Eye (2nd) / Tinted Lens (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/5/53/163Hoothoot.png"]Hoothoot[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/f/fa/164Noctowl.png/600px-164Noctowl.png"]Noctowl[/URL] (Level 20)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]452[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]100[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]50[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]50[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]86[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]96[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]70[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Hoothoot has a unique, interesting design with their big red eyes, single leg and round appearance. They instantly catch your attention, especially considering how you could only encounter them at night thanks to the new Day and Night system the games introduced.[*]Noctowl gets points docked off for getting rid of its unique design elements, but to be honest I still find it pretty cool looking in its own right.[*]100 base HP is nice, but the other stats just don't make up for it. Not every Pokemon is a fighter, after all...[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]******[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#165 - 166[/B][/I]: Ledian Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/77b6f3b537fd42b1ad9a88401a4b4c0f_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/b129b818979d4482a7307e7222a8a48c_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Swarm (1st) / Early Bird (2nd) / Iron Fist (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/b/bb/165Ledyba.png"]Ledyba[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/5/5b/166Ledian.png/600px-166Ledian.png"]Ledian[/URL] (Level 18)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]390[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]55[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]35[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]50[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]55[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]110[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]85[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Christ on a bike, that Attack stat makes me want to cry. Ahem...[*]Ledyba and Ledian are peculiar Pokemon to me - they have great designs with a lot of charm due to them being a ladybug fighter-looking Pokemon...[*]But holy poptart, those stats ruin everything about them. [I][B]35 Attack?! Are you psyducking real?[/B][/I] To top off the insult sundae, Ledian gets Iron Fist as an ability. See, that would be appreciated if it weren't for the middling detail that Ledian can't even cherry tap something to death.[*]It's ludicrous since they're obviously a brawler and know all of these neat moves like Drain Punch, Acrobatics, Knock Off, Mach Punch and so on. In the hands of a more powerful Pokemon, these would be a pain in the ass to counter.[*]An otherwise good Pokemon gets crippled by its lack of use. For shame, Game Freak.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#E36C0A]****[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#167 - 168[/B][/I]: Ariados Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/77b6f3b537fd42b1ad9a88401a4b4c0f_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/4f8b1a097e454b5ab00bc9ae74608bad_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Swarm (1st) / Insomnia (2nd) / Sniper (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/7/75/167Spinarak.png/600px-167Spinarak.png"]Spinarak[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/7/76/168Ariados.png/600px-168Ariados.png"]Ariados[/URL] (Level 22)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]400[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]70[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]90[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]70[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]60[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]70[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]40[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]There's so many underpowered Pokemon in Johto, I swear.[*]I normally have an aversion to spiders due to them awakening a primal fear inside of me, but Spinarak is so cute and cuddly that I would gladly keep one.[*]Ariados is one of those Pokemon I always see regardless of their actual battling capacity. They have a neat look to them with the purple eyes and pinkish-red torso, but all they're really good for is setting up Sticky Web and Toxic Spikes.[*]I swear that I always get one not because I think they're strong but because I like their design.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]******[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#169[/B][/I]: Crobat -

Already covered in Gen 1 with the rest of the Zubat family.

[I][B]Additional thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Crobat is the first of the friendship-based evolutions. I think it's really sweet how it evolves based on how much it likes you.[*]They make the Zubat line worthwhile to catch because not only do they have a novel design with the four wings and that unmistakable face, they're also pretty useful too.[*]They have a crazy 130 speed, a neat combination of types and a movepool that makes them interesting to play with, but they're not the strongest and get walled out pretty easily by someone who's actually trying. Still, though, they redeem an otherwise annoying line of Pokemon.[/LIST][I][B]Individual score[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]********[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#170 - 171[/B][/I]: Lanturn Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/d269e8f4639d4eef8cd545a7c1c97fb5_r.png[/img]/[[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/a558dd86b4ba439b881285b68a1b832e_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Volt Absorb (1st) / Illuminate (2nd) / Water Absorb (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/d/d9/170Chinchou.png/600px-170Chinchou.png"]Chinchou[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/9/9b/171Lanturn.png/600px-171Lanturn.png"]Lanturn[/URL] (Level 27)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]530[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]125[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]58[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]58[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]76[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]76[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]67[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Chinchou is easily one of the more interesting first-stage evolutions out there. They're an adorable little anglerfish with weird, distinctive pupil designs and a fascinating type combination that would have remained exclusive to the Lanturn family if it weren't for Rotom-Wash years later.[*]That said, I share the same complaints with Lanturn as I did with Noctowl - they took out the things that made Chinchou unique and made it more generically cute. It's weird because they could have easily made Chinchou into a horrifying demon-from-the-deep... because have you [I][B]seen[/B][/I] real life anglerfish?[*]Appearance complaints aside, Lanturn is actually pretty good despite their middling offenses/defenses. Volt Absorb lets them suck in any electric attack and their giant 125 health lets them survive a lot of things.[*]Then again, all you'd need to do is throw a Grass type or Water/Ground type at them and they literally cannot do anything to stop them.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]******[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#172 - 174[/B][/I]: Pichu, Cleffa and Igglybuff

Already covered in Gen 1 with the rest of the Raichu, Clefable and Wigglytuff families.

[I][B]Additional thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Ah yes, the first baby Pokemon. They introduced that in this generation too. Baby Pokemon are a necessary concept, if awkward to actually get - they're obtained exclusively through breeding, although Gen 4 onward they were introduced as wild Pokemon.[*]Gen 3 introduced the concept of Incenses - essentially, they let the holder breed their specific baby Pokemon like Azurill from a Marill holding a Sea Incense and so on. I don't particularly understand why an aroma would produce different eggs, but the less I say about that, the better.[*]They're all precious, although admittedly I have a bias towards Pichu and Cleffa due to their evolutions. That, and they have designs that perfectly compliment what they grow into.[*]Igglybuff having red eyes is weird when you realize that Puff and Tuff have blue eyes. Their pupils suddenly change color when they evolve for some reason.[/LIST][I][B]Individual scores[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Pichu: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR][*]Cleffa: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR][*]Igglybuff: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]******[/COLOR][/B][/LIST]-

[I][B]#175 - 176 / #468[/B][/I]: Togekiss Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/427261184efd7897c32a07420c21eb8f1ae833ff_r.png[/img] (Togepi) / [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/427261184efd7897c32a07420c21eb8f1ae833ff_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/b129b818979d4482a7307e7222a8a48c_r.png[/img] (Togetic and Togekiss)
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Hustle (1st) / Serene Grace (2nd) / Super Luck (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/6/6b/175Togepi.png"]Togepi[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/1/11/176Togetic.png/600px-176Togetic.png"]Togetic[/URL] (Level up with Happiness)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/8/87/468Togekiss.png"]Togekiss[/URL] (Shiny Stone)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]545[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]85[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]50[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]95[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]120[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]115[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]80[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]One of the most memorable Gen 2 Pokemon, if at least for Misty's crazy Togepi from the anime. Personally, my fondest memory with the Togepi line was the egg that Prof. Elm gave to you... that, and the fact that one of my characters is a Togekiss that I had to grind extensively to defictionalize.[*]Togepi is a Pokemon that's just hatched out of its shell - it's adorably round and sort of looks like the yolk of an egg.[*]Togetic is an improvement and reasonably strong for a middle evolution, although not to the same extent as Porygon2 because wowza don't even get me started on that one. It's a good progression.[*]Come Gen 4 where Togekiss swoops in and turns an otherwise decent Pokemon into both a menace and one of my favorites. (I have a lot, okay?)[*]The already good design is made impressive by turning them into a big fluffy bird that can rend our mortal souls to pieces.[*]Togekiss is lovable, but at the same time they're insanely dangerous with stuff like Nasty Plot, Baton Pass, Serene Grace Air Slash, Aura Sphere and so on. They're also just bulky enough to withstand a lot of punishment.[*]The choice to add the Fairy typing to them in Gen 6 is also notable because now they're fluffy fairy birds on top of everything else.[*]All in all, an excellent line of Pokemon.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*********[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#177 - 178[/B][/I]: Xatu Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/7db542dc663a40358acd91a49ceead4b_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/b129b818979d4482a7307e7222a8a48c_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Synchronize (1st) / Early Bird (2nd) / Magic Bounce (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/5/5b/177Natu.png/600px-177Natu.png"]Natu[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/f/f4/178Xatu.png/600px-178Xatu.png"]Xatu[/URL] (Level 25)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]470[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]65[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]75[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]70[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]95[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]70[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]95[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Natu and Xatu are definitely a far more intriguing design than any of the birds we've seen so far (barring Togekiss, but that's cheating). Natu is alright, but Xatu [I]is where it's at.[/I][*]Xatu is a [URL="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resplendent_quetzal"]resplendent quetzal[/URL] that gazes into the sun to gain supernatural powers, hence the Psychic typing and the 1000 yard stare they always have. The coolness is compounded by how they also resemble totems/prophets - they're one of the most creative Gen 2 Pokemon for sure.[*]Battle-wise, Magic Bounce is a wonderful ability that absolutely cripples status move users... But admittedly, Xatu is not the best user for it. They have alright stats but a lot of competition.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#179 - 181[/B][/I]: Ampharos Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/a558dd86b4ba439b881285b68a1b832e_r.png[/img] / [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/a558dd86b4ba439b881285b68a1b832e_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/498065d1359e406bb77b3b0af1b814da_r.png[/img] (Mega Ampharos)
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Static / Plus (Hidden) / Mold Breaker (Mega)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/6/6b/179Mareep.png/600px-179Mareep.png"]Mareep[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/6/6f/180Flaaffy.png/600px-180Flaaffy.png"]Flaaffy[/URL] (Level 15)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/4/47/181Ampharos.png/600px-181Ampharos.png"]Ampharos[/URL] (Level 30)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/a/a2/181Ampharos-Mega.png/600px-181Ampharos-Mega.png"]Mega Ampharos[/URL] (Ampharosite)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]530[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]90[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]75[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]85[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]115[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]90[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]55[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: One[LIST][*][I][B]Mega[/B][/I] (Introduced in [COLOR=#cc0066]X[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#0000cc]Y[/COLOR]): [I][B]+100[/B][/I] [FONT=inherit]([/FONT][B][COLOR=#FF0000]90[/COLOR][/B][FONT=inherit], [/FONT][B][COLOR=#E36C0A]95(+20)[/COLOR][/B][FONT=inherit], [COLOR=#ffc000][B]105(+20)[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=inherit], [/FONT][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]165(+50)[/COLOR][/B][FONT=inherit], [/FONT][B][COLOR=#00B050]110(+20)[/COLOR][/B][FONT=inherit], [/FONT][B][COLOR=#7030A0]45(-10)[/COLOR][/B][FONT=inherit])[/FONT][/LIST][I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Electric sheep. I'd be cheeky and make the reference, but I don't quite feel like it.[*]As much as I'd like to give Mareep a hug, I'm afraid it would paralyze me more than anything else. It's interesting to note that as they evolve, they lose more and more wool until Ampharos is completely hairless. I guess that's an explanation for why Ampharos looks so different from the other two?[*]That said, they have decent stats and nice designs but... I dunno, they don't seem very capable. I'd move on if there weren't a Mega Evolution to cover, though![*][I][B]Mega Ampharos[/B][/I] grants Ampharos something it hasn't had in a long time - fabulous locks of flowing white hair. It also gains a new dragon typing... for some reason.[*]It's an electric dragon sheep with god hair. My lord. They lose some speed but jack up the special attack into overdrive, because christ just look at it.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]********[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#182[/B][/I]: Bellossom

Already covered in Gen 1 with the rest of the Vileplume family.

[I][B]Additional thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Bellossom may not be strong or bulky, but man they are a real cutie. Their little grassy hula dancer theme is so charming that I prefer it over Vileplume, even though Vileplume is a neat idea on its own due to being a giant poisonous rafflesia flower.[*]When it comes to combat, there's a ton of other Pokemon you could be using but I guess if you want to give Bellossom a try, use a drought team and put a Life Orb on them. Now that they have Quiver Dance, that's an option too... but I'm not ballsy enough to do that.[*]Does it bother anyone that Bellossom isn't available in or even get mentioned in Alola? Like it's a perfect Pokemon for this setting yet they... didn't use it. Oh, they appeared in like one poster but who gives a tit.[/LIST][I][B]Individual score[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#183 - 184 / #298[/B][/I]: Azumarill Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/ee072edcc67247fd8ed6796f2eb79445_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/427261184efd7897c32a07420c21eb8f1ae833ff_r.png[/img] (Azurill) / [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/d269e8f4639d4eef8cd545a7c1c97fb5_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/427261184efd7897c32a07420c21eb8f1ae833ff_r.png[/img] (Marill and Azumarill)
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Thick Fat (1st) / Huge Power (2nd) / Sap Sipper (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/a/ac/298Azurill.png"]Azurill[/URL] (Breed Marill or Azurill while holding a Sea Incense)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/4/42/183Marill.png/600px-183Marill.png"]Marill[/URL] (Level up with Happiness)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/a/a5/184Azumarill.png/600px-184Azumarill.png"]Azumarill[/URL] (Level 18)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]420[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]100[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]50[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]80[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]60[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]80[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]50[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Before I say anything about the Azumarill family, let me just talk about a phenomenon called Pikablu. You see, back when the first Pokemon movie came around, Gen 2 was already out in Japan. Marill made an appearance in the movie and all the kids went apemuk trying to figure out what they were.[*]Maybe they were a water-type evolution of Pikachu that evolved with the Water Stone. Nobody in America knew. Then Gen 2 came out in the states and revealed it's an entirely different line of Pokemon. Womp, womp.[*]With that in mind, I love the Azumarill family. One questions how a mouse turns into a rabbit, but I still want to bear-hug them.[*]Their stats aren't very impressive... at a first glance. That's where everything else about them comes to the rescue. Huge Power is as blatant as it sounds, seeing as it straight up doubles your attack.[*]The Fairy typing they gained in Gen 6 also gives them a huge edge against Dark, Fighting and Dragon types along with a fancy new STAB move in Play Rough.[*]Their moveset is a huge thing here - Aqua Jet remedies their speed issue, they can Belly-Drum to maximize their already phenomenal attack, Play Rough because of the above and Knock Off for coverage. I guess Waterfall too if Aqua Jet isn't enough for you.[*]Sap Sipper is also a good choice given how nobody seems to expect it. That's a free attack boost and an immunity to a crippling weakness! Granted, I can see why nobody uses it due to the lack of reliability... and electric types being a thing.[*]Azumarill is an excellent Pokemon with humble origins... especially if it drove people crazy trying to figure out the mystery of Pikablu.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]**[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#185 / #438[/B][/I]: Sudowoodo Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/0e13b599d4384015abba10c7a1c97002_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Sturdy (1st) / Rock Head (2nd) / Rattled (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/e/e2/438Bonsly.png/600px-438Bonsly.png"]Bonsly[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/1/1e/185Sudowoodo.png/600px-185Sudowoodo.png"]Sudowoodo[/URL] (Level up knowing Mimic)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]410[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]70[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]100[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]115[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]30[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]65[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]30[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]A rock Pokemon that acts as a fake tree obstacle on the overworld... neat idea.[*]For the longest time, I always figured Sudowoodo was Rock/Fighting because they had Brick Break as part of their arsenal... that, and I always kept messing up the Sudo part of its name with Sumo, even though it is way too small for something like that.[*]Imagine if they got a Rock/Fighting Mega Evolution, though. That'd certainly do wonders for their viability.[*]Bonsly introduced in Gen 4 is... well, a fake bonsai tree that uses fake tears to get what they want. Pretty sneaky for one of the baby Pokemon.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR]


[B]#186[/B]: Politoed

Already covered in Gen 1 with the rest of the Poliwrath family.

[I][B]Additional thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Politoed having Drizzle as a hidden ability makes it incredibly useful for Swift Swim teams. I like that when a Politoed gets mad, all of the other members of the Poli- family immediately get scared for their lives. Good stuff.[/LIST][I][B]Individual score[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#187 - 189[/B][/I]: Jumpluff Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/3c5c5e35704649c3bdddf8afb7788fde_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/b129b818979d4482a7307e7222a8a48c_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Chlorophyll (1st) / Leaf Guard (2nd) / Infiltrator (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/f/f8/187Hoppip.png/600px-187Hoppip.png"]Hoppip[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/4/4f/188Skiploom.png/600px-188Skiploom.png"]Skiploom[/URL] (Level 18)[*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/5/5e/189Jumpluff.png/600px-189Jumpluff.png"]Jumpluff[/URL] (Level 27)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]460[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]75[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]55[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]70[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]55[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]95[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]110[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]How can you get any more precious than the dandelion Pokemon? Jumpluff and its spawn may not be strong in any real capacity, but they make up for it by being cute. Access to Swords Dance is nice and all, but they're just not good enough to properly utilize it.[*]Then again, they're a living, sentient dandelion - it'd be ludicrous for every Pokemon out there to be crazy good fighters even if that's a major part of the game. Sometimes Pokemon are simply part of the environment and that's completely fine.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]*****[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#190 / #424[/B][/I]: Ambipom Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/ee072edcc67247fd8ed6796f2eb79445_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Technician (1st) / Pick-Up (2nd) / Skill Link (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/4/42/190Aipom.png/600px-190Aipom.png"]Aipom[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/8/86/424Ambipom.png"]Ambipom[/URL] (Level up knowing Double Hit)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]530[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]75[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]100[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]66[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]60[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]66[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]115[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]What a funny monkey. Aipom was, admittedly, a forgettable Pokemon for me despite their charming appearance.[*]Sinnoh to the rescue again, seeing as Ambipom is a thing. Its tails are like giant puffed up medical gloves and they overall look much sillier. Then again, that's not a bad thing![*]Ambipom has some nice speed and attack, but its true calling is the Normal-Gem powered Fake Out routine. Unless you have a Ghost type or a bulky Steel on hand, you're going [I]to feel it.[/I][*]Their stats have a disturbing amount of sixes in them... is it possible that we'll have a demon monkey Mega Evolution in the future?[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#191 - 192[/B][/I]: Sunflora Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/3c5c5e35704649c3bdddf8afb7788fde_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Chlorophyll (1st) / Solar Power (2nd) / Early Bird (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/9/95/191Sunkern.png/600px-191Sunkern.png"]Sunkern[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/9/98/192Sunflora.png/600px-192Sunflora.png"]Sunflora[/URL] (Sun Stone)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]425[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]75[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]75[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]55[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]105[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]85[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]30[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Oh my god, Sunkern is so awful that it's hilarious. It has 30 in everything for corn's sake! Combine this with the fact that it's a living sunflower seed and you have one of the most inept Pokemon out there. But it can be forgiven because it is merely a bab.[*][URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvWfSW3DVqE"]Pimpnite sweeping ubers with a Sunkern is a sight to behold.[/URL][*]Sunflora makes up for it with their perky design and astonishingly good special attack, but yikes they are not prepared to deal with a real threat.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]******[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#193 / #469[/B][/I]: Yanmega Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/77b6f3b537fd42b1ad9a88401a4b4c0f_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/b129b818979d4482a7307e7222a8a48c_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Speed Boost (1st) / Tinted Lens (2nd) / Frisk (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/d/dd/193Yanma.png/600px-193Yanma.png"]Yanma[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/e/e6/469Yanmega.png"]Yanmega[/URL] (Level up knowing Ancient Power)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]515[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]86[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]76[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]86[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]116[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]56[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]95[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]: [LIST][*]Yanma is an alright Pokemon. It's a dragonfly with Speed Boost, and while I think the design is fine, it's still missing something...[*]Enter Yanmega, the king of badass bug Pokemon. Yanmega's new look is so slick and intimidating that I'd never want to run into one unprepared. Couple that design with Speed Boost / Tinted Lens (increased damage on resisted attacks) and an amazing Special Attack stat and you have a killer on your hands.[*]Then again, Stealth Rock and Chansey exist in the metagame so christ that's a hell of a roadblock. Still, Yanmega has an amazing design and can be pretty fearsome if you give it the right set-up.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]********[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#194 - 195[/B][/I]: Quagsire Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/d269e8f4639d4eef8cd545a7c1c97fb5_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/05f45814bde24e64bb0a7dce44eb7f85_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Damp (1st) / Water Absorb (2nd) / Unaware (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/7/78/194Wooper.png/600px-194Wooper.png"]Wooper[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/a/a4/195Quagsire.png/600px-195Quagsire.png"]Quagsire[/URL] (Level 20)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]430[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]95[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]85[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]85[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]65[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]65[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]35[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Very foppish name for an evolution there. Makes me imagine a Quagsire with a top hat and a cane.[*]Wooper is so happy even with its lack of arms - it's so adorable.[*]Quagsire is equally dopey, but don't let that smile fool you - it's pretty notorious as a wall. It can reasonably block anything that's not a Grass type and can serve as a good swap in to Electric and Water attacks (cause you know, Water Absorb.)[*]They're charming enough, but not good enough to use on my personal A-Team.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#cc9900]******[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#196 - 197[/B][/I]: Espeon and Umbreon

Already covered in Gen 1 with the rest of the stupidly large Eevee family.

[I][B]Additional thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]So apparently Umbreon goes for your throat if you encounter it in the wild according to the Moon Pokedex entry. That's terrifying, especially with how cute they are. They're also notorious stallers because while Umbreon's offenses are weak, their defenses are crazy. Combine this with Wish+Protect and Toxic and you have a nightmare on your hands.[*]Espeon is arguably the best (common) Pokemon to have Magic Bounce thanks to a good combination of great special attack and speed. It's hard to decide who has the better design of the two, but I'm gonna go with Espeon because of their mystical appearance and purple color scheme.[/LIST][I][B]Individual scores[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Espeon: [COLOR=#25c935][B]********[/B][/COLOR][*]Umbreon: [COLOR=#25c935][B]*******[/B][/COLOR][/LIST]-

[I][B]#198 / #430[/B][/I]: Honchkrow Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/f4deeb41ab6d4dfcbd35c03a0e1a7bc7_r.png[/img]/[img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/b129b818979d4482a7307e7222a8a48c_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Insomnia (1st) / Super Luck (2nd) / Moxie (Hidden)
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/3/33/198Murkrow.png"]Murkrow[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/4/46/430Honchkrow.png"]Honchkrow[/URL] (Dusk Stone)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]505[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]100[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]125[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]52[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]105[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]52[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]71[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]The first time I saw Murkrow I knew that I liked them. They're wizard crows - how could I not love them?[*]Honchkrow took my initial feelings about Murkrow and amplified it - now they were mob boss wizard crows with a hefty attack stat and a [I]really[/I] badass design. Moxie-powered Sucker Punches from this thing have to smart.[*]Granted, with the presence of fairies and mega evolutions, their strength has dwindled a bit... but damn if they aren't cool.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [COLOR=#25c935][B]********[/B][/COLOR]


[I][B]#199[/B][/I]: Slowking

Already covered in Gen 1 with the rest of the Slowbro family.

[I][B]Additional thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Slowking is my personal favorite out of the Slowbro family, even if Slowbro themselves get more of the spotlight due to their impeccable bulk and mega evolution.[*]It's a water wizard king! I'll love it even if it's outclassed by its other evolution.[*]It is strange how because the Shellder is on its head, it gains immense knowledge and wisdom... but I'm not going to question how it works.[/LIST][I][B]Individual score[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B]


[I][B]#200 / #429[/B][/I]: Mismagius Family
[I][B]Type[/B][/I]: [img]http://images.yuku.com/image/png/cdbc57d7919c4d5893759a25bd15763f_r.png[/img]
[I][B]Ability[/B][/I]: Levitate
[I][B]Appearances[/B][/I]:[LIST][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/b/be/200Misdreavus.png"]Misdreavus[/URL][*][URL="http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/b/b4/429Mismagius.png"]Mismagius[/URL] (Dusk Stone)[/LIST][I][B]Stats of final evolution[/B][/I]: [I][B]495[/B][/I] ([B][COLOR=#FF0000]60[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#e36c0a][B]60[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#FFC000]60[/COLOR][/B], [COLOR=#00b0f0][B]105[/B][/COLOR], [COLOR=#00b050][B]105[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=#7030A0]105[/COLOR][/B])
[I][B]Additional forms?[/B][/I]: N/A
[I][B]Thoughts[/B][/I]:[LIST][*]Alright, you thought I liked Murkrow? Nah fam, my love for the Mismagius family cannot be understated.[*]Misdreavus is good by itself - they're a precious little ghost... that's possibly based off of the concept of the nukebuki - a monster in japanese mythology that's a disembodied woman's head that screams at people to scare the muk out of them. I love it.[*]Mismagius, though... holy muk, dude. You could not ask for a more perfect evolution design for a Pokemon. They take that witch motif and go to town with it - the end result is [I]absolutely stunning[/I]. Their stats only get a moderate increase in speed and special attack/defense, but they're just enough for me to give a crap about getting them.[*]With a bit more firepower (likely a mega), they'd be one of my outright top ten favorites.[/LIST][I][B]Overall rating[/B][/I]: [B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=#00B0F0]*[/COLOR][/B]

Man, Gen 2 and 4 really had one heck of a relationship. Just look at all of these evolutions!

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