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las vegas bby <3

Posted July 24th, 2011 at 10:11 PM by Lady Gaga

im here oh yea
here was mah day...

woke up, took shower, at pancakes, normal shtuff.
went to my grandmas to drop off my little dog. this is where things got bad. i love and trust my grandparents, but they are old. they cant handle a hyper young dog. well, at least thats what i thought. i got very sick at their house, but that was just my nerves. i mean, so many things could happen! bella (my dog) could run away, chocke on something (she always eats everything), hurt herself (she was running back and forth on their hardwood floors and slid headfirst into a wooden door, the bang was so loud). so i was worried. anyways, we dropped her off, and headed to the airport. yea, i was going to las vegas. for a week. i was already forgetting about bella when my mom called my grandparents. thankfully, she was being an angel. my nerves were settled, i finally had that reassurement. so we took off to vegas. great flights, great seats. finally got to play ocarina of time 3D. yea i know, im late, but its been sold out in my area for months. yesterday i finally found a new copy. anyways, played that. the first dungeon was a breeze. the music was so nostalgic omg. got stuck on the part where i couldnt ride epona. then i realised i couldnt ride epona until i grew up. good planeride nonetheless. although, my mom kept poking my head telling me to look at the mountains outside...so annoying ahaha. arrived in vegas, surprisingly cloudy. hot, obviously. had an amazing dinner, steak, veggies, and baked potatoe for 8 bucks. there are casinos and slots everywhere. in the restaurant, in the airport, in the freaking gas station. its crazy! the lights are beautiful at night tho. this place is a really interesting sight to behold. my room is so awesome. weve got this timeshare thing, so its like a lil apartment. watching some harry potter on tv right now. gonna get some sleep. probably go shopping, and check out the pool + vegas strip tomorrow. gonna be an epic week. unreal <3
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