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How to run some of my favourite Pokemon!

Posted August 8th, 2018 at 12:58 AM by Ace Trainer Slash
Updated August 8th, 2018 at 12:58 AM by Ace Trainer Slash

Now, I never have found the proper place to inform people of how to use certain Pokemon, in a unique way, to in my opinion, be more fun to use. I'll be going through my favourite Pokemon, and some others in future updates. :D

The first Pokemon I'll be talking about is Snorlax, my favourite Pokemon! Huge HP, Huge Attack, Huge Special Defense, Speed that rival Deoxys, :D its an incredible Pokemon stat and design wise, and a big physical attack like a 2x Close Combat is unfortunately enough to defeat it. I'll refer to two sets, (except Curse/Recycle/Confusion Berry, that's easy to run :D ) one is Physical, one is a set that I ran for my ROM Hack, however, both sets are quite simple. This moveset explanation currently only has Snorlax movesets, movesets for other Pokemon, and my second favourite will be added in time. :D

Snorlax 1: Belly Drum!
Belly Drum
Body Slam/Return
High Horsepower/Earthquake
Wild Charge/Gunk Shot/Seed Bomb

Nature: Adamant/Brave
Ability: Gluttony
Item: Any Confusion berry that doesn't confuse under a -Special Attack, or -Speed nature (An Aguav berry is recommended :D )
IVs: 31/31/31/0/31/0
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 HP, 4 Defense

This is a Snorlax that I'm always excited to run, if you get off a Belly Drum, you can sweep an entire team if you have enough HP left! You can run Adamant, or Brave Nature on this Snorlax, Brave specifically if this Snorlax is to be used in Trick Room teams. Some reasoning for the moves, Body Slam can be used instead of Return, if your team is not Trick Room based, if Snorlax is at a potential faint for the next turn, a 30% Paralysis chance can surely help defeating the next Pokemon, who can potentially be faster than your team (if the opposing Pokemon does get Paralysed. Return however can be used if a Trick Room set is used, as there is less chance of the opponent getting paralysed, (Wild Charge is on this set) and therefore, giving your opponent an upper hand in the battle. The differences between High Horsepower and Earthquake, you may think that Earthquake is better as it is 5 more power, and accuracy, but High Horsepower targets one opponent, and is recommended in Doubles format if you don't have a Levitate or Flying Type Pokemon on your team, or otherwise if your team was not built to take hits. The move Wild Charge is purely for coverage, and can be replaced with moves with less power, but no recoil, such as Seed Bomb or Gunk Shot. A description of the ability, Snorlax has Gluttony so once it reaches half of its HP (from Belly Drum), it's Confusion berry will activate, healing Snorlax to full health again. (if Snorlax didn't get hit on the first turn) Finally, it's EVs, it has max HP so it can take stronger hits if the opponent attacked Snorlax. Max EVs were also put into Attack for obvious reasons, and I put the remaining EVs on Snorlax in the Defense, as its other stats are already high enough (special defense), or are useless to put the EVs into. (Speed and Special Attack) Please tell me if you need any clarification on why I did something concerning this Snorlax, as an example, why did I give Snorlax Seed Bomb/Gunk Shot/Wild Charge? (Coverage)

Snorlax 2: Too broken for early game :D
Rock Tomb

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Immunity or Thick Fat, both work fine.
Item: Leftovers
IVs: 31/31/31/0/31/0
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 HP, 252 Defense.

Ok, this Snorlax is quite different, and can be almost considered a downgrade from the previously mentioned one, but in fact, this one is in my ROM Hack, and is faced quite early in the game, and is a pain to take down with the array of Pokemon you have at the start of the game. I listed the natures, abilities, IVs and EVs, in case this were to be used in competitive, but since I have no idea how I can give Snorlax an Adamant nature, with max IVs and the EVs stated in a ROM Hack, The item, moves, and ability are what counts if this is looked at a ROM Hacking perspective. IVs, EVs, and Nature have the same reason for why they were chosen as is from the first moveset. This Snorlax, its incredible, its moveset at such an early part of a Pokemon game (around late 10s, early 20s regarding levels) is what's so scary about it, though, it can be beaten, from myself testing it numerous times with different teams. I will now explain the moves, it has Headbutt for STAB, as well as a chance to flinch, and as Snorlax's level is still quite low, it can outspeed quite a few Pokemon available early-game, and therefore can have the ability to flinch many with Headbutt if it outspeeds. The move Rock Tomb is used for lowering the opponents speed, so it can outspeed the opponent, and get a 30% flinch chance with it! Toxic is used for stall, and for the Pokemon that are quite tanky for the beginning of the game, (I did put quite a few) and pairing this up with a Headbutt flinch can make this battle feel really difficult. Finally, Rest, just in case you get Snorlax down to low HP, and one move will knock it out, it heals, and gets straight back to full, furthermore, its defenses early-game are huge, and well thought-out strategies will be needed to defeat it while Snorlax is asleep! To continue, Snorlax has Leftovers, so even if it is taking damage from opponents while it sleeps from Rest, it is still healing. Finally, as the game chooses between two random abilities of Snorlax, it will either have Thick Fat, or Immunity, Immunity prevents Poison, so then you can't stall Snorlax with poison. (Even then, it has rest.) Thick Fat makes this battle a nightmare, it will be able to take Ice, and Fire moves much better, and this makes the battle go longer!

And... That's it for now, I will update in time the second Pokemon, and its movesets, and once again, if anyone needs clarification on any choices of any moves, don't hesitate to ask! :D
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