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Let's Play Sailor Moon: Another Story! Chapter 6

Posted February 12th, 2018 at 10:07 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated September 8th, 2018 at 9:55 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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Learning how to drive sure is nervewracking, but heck if it isn't exciting. That said, time to get these poor LPs out of retirement.

Jupiter's chapter has an odd storyline and that's all I'll say right off the bat.

Chapter #6 - Oak Evolution


[Current OST: Canada]

Last time on Another Story, we finished up Mars's surprisingly sad trip through Nepal and now we're joining up with Jupiter in Canada. While I do think Nepal has one of the best themes out of every location we'll visit, Canada's theme is still pretty nice to listen to.

"Could the stone needed to protect Mamoru-san really be here? I wonder, is this really a national park?"

Out of all the places we visit in these sub-chapters, from sacred Buddhist temples in Nepal to a village hidden inside of a glacier... Jupiter winds up at a park. A bit underwhelming, huh?

: "Well, I'll start looking for the stone tomorrow. Now then, what shall I have for dinner? I guess I'll catch some trout and have shioyaki for dinner."

Is she allowed to camp here? The sources I looked up said she could, but only in a specific campground.

But you know, don't think about it too much, it's a magical girl anime adapted into a video game, etc etc. That said, shioyaki actually looks good.

: "Who's that over there!?"

She got in a battle pose and everything, like calm down Makoto.

: "Huh? Are you hungry? Come over here, and I'll give you half of mine."

Green-haired guy: "Really?"

So some random guy comes up to you and you allow him to eat half of your food. I'm not quite that generous, but I guess I could let it slide for her.

"He looks just like my sempai who I just broke up with... "

Oh boy, here comes the sempai thing again. That's our Mako for you.

Green-haired guy: "Ooh, this is tasty! There's not many people around here that can make such tasty stuff! I live just around here, but I was still hungry..."

: "Huh? Around here... But isn't this a national park?"

: "I'm just looking for something, a stone by the name of Nephrite. If I don't find it, someone will die."

Jesus christ, way to load that information on a complete stranger. No pressure here, Jupiter.

Green-haired guy: "... There's a stone around here like that."

: "Really?"

Green-haired guy: "Perhaps someone at the village will know."

: "Village...!?"

Green-haired guy: "Yeah, I'm not meant to tell outsiders, but... I live in Medias village. It's in the forest, completely surrounded by trees. Most people think it's too hard to get as far as the village."

Wait hold up, they managed to hide a village next to a national park? I could at least give the glacier villages some slack, that's at least a remote location that nobody in their right mind would visit, but this is just silly.

Green-haired guy: "Everyone who makes it there gets one of these pendants. I have one more, so I'll give this one to you!"

: "Really?"

Green-haired guy: "Yeah! It's for your great cooking!"

Green-haired guy: "Now that you have the pendant, I'll take you to the village."

A pendant, huh? Doesn't sound like any other SNES era JRPG I know that also has Luminaire in it.

That said, it's pretty fishy how he just hands a valuable item to Jupiter just for her cooking.

"My dad's the village chief here. While you're here, you can stay at my house. Well, I have to go look something up in the village literature."

[Green-haired guy runs off screen]

He sure left real quick. I understand the allure of a good book, but come on.

(Sailor Jupiter) -
* HP: ********** (Excellent)
* Attack: ********* (Excellent)
* Defense: *** (Bad)
* Speed: ****** (Above Average)
* Evade: ** (Awful)
* Moveset:
- Supreme Thunder (1 MP - weak attack that hits all enemies)
- Thunder Dragon (3 MP - medium attack that hits one enemy)
- Sparkling Wide Pressure (4 MP - strong attack that one enemy)
- Coconut Cyclone (6 MP - strong attack that hits all enemies)
* Preferred Gemstone/Equipment: Emerald

Much like how Haruka is the strongwoman of the Outers, Makoto is the same for the Inners. She has tremendous attack and one of the best health stats in the game, along with some decent speed... but horrendous defense and evade.

Her attacks revolve around crowd control - Supreme Thunder is incredibly cheap cost-wise and can sweep through a set of weak enemies with ease. It is also the first attack she learns in the anime and looks like this.

That aside, all of the female NPCs in this village refuse to say anything more than ellipses. I wonder if there's some insidious plot going on...

Weird monsters, huh? Well you're lucky I'm here, kid.

You know, now that I think about it, what would happen if a monster of the day never really got destroyed? Like think about it - every monster in the show gets destroyed before they got to seriously affect larger groups of people.

If the Sailor Senshi weren't around to deal with the monsters, life on earth would be nightmarish.

P... property? Why does each new place we visit keep getting weirder and weirder?

I find it interesting how the only girl that will talk to you is the hint lady that tells you what to do next. She fulfills the same purpose as that guy in Kainess Village did, but I don't think she's quite as useful here.

I had to buy an anklet and some bracelets for Jupiter so she can out-speed the first few enemies she'll fight here. Also wow, the Holy Berry is expensive. Granted, it is a revival item, but yeesh - we're not exactly made of yen here

: "I... I'm not from the other village..."

Lumberjack man: "Oh, I see. Well, that's good..."

These villages seem to have a rivalry, but over what? That said, I adore how each new area we visit has the NPCs change? Here we have big burly lumberjacks in Canada land.

Here's the protection god tree that kid was talking about. We can't actually go inside quite yet because we'll get slaughtered, but it's always there if we need it.

Man, that green-haired guy must have given us a hella important artifact if everybody's reacting to Jupiter because of it.

Hahahaha. So, the joke here for anybody that's unfamiliar with the old English dub of Sailor Moon is that for one scene in... what, the second season(?), the Sailor Senshi were going to cast for a part in a Snow White play.

Makoto (known as Lita in English) wanted the part because of her breasts being giant, so the English dub censored it by her having the most "talent".

Here's the dubbed scene in case you were curious.

I see what you did, you sneaky translators.

NPC girl: "... Because, you've become George-san's bride."

: "Huh?! There must be some mistake. I think he's a really cool guy and all, but I could never be his bride. That's just... teehee."

I've heard about fast moving relationships, but this is ridiculous! All she did was hand him a fish for corn's sake.

NPC girl: "So, is George-san getting married to that other person?"

: "That other person? Does George-san have a lover?"

: "Aaahhh, what bad luck. Is it hopeless for me again this time?"

I love how this is her immediate thoughts about an arranged marriage. Naughty, naughty.

NPC girl: "But, the village chief disapproves of the match."

: "Who's George-san's lover?"

NPC girl: "A girl from the neighboring village called Mary. Mary is the daughter of that village's chief as well. Only, we've had a falling-out with the neighboring village. It seems that those two's marriage will never happen."

: "Ehh, really... I wanna help those guys get back together."

A star-crossed lovers scenario, huh? Good thing a magical superheroine in a sailor outfit is on the scene.

NPC girl: "The girls from the village want to as well, but... "

She stops her thought right there, but this unlocks your next objective. Also, doing this makes all the other girls in the village feel alright about talking to you now for... some reason?? Maybe they're a hive mind.

So the green-haired man's name is George and we're going to find Mary for him. See I'm paying you back for the pendant, playa.

The strange thing is that he doesn't warn us about monsters ahead, so this must be pretty safe after all, huh?

"I completely forbid it!!"

Whoa, he sure is peeved. I wonder what even happened that got the two villages this fed up with each other?

Like whoof. That's rough.

This just makes me question how "hidden" the villages really are if there's an extremely noticeable signpost telling you the not-even-hard-to-find locations of both villages? I dunno, man.

Name: Makeup Gal
HP: 50
Attack: 34
Defense: 16
Speed: 10
EXP: 8
Yen: 500
Item Drop: App. Medicine (Cures enchantment, aka. charm)
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Atsugessho
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 16)

Makeup Gal is the first Droid encountered on the show. She took over a cosmetics shop and disguised herself as one of the clerks - the episode she appeared in had previously had Mamoru break up with Usagi, so there's a whopper for you. (Obviously it didn't last long, but it sure broke poor little Usagi's heart at the time.)

Makeup Gal's tongue twister of a real name, Atsugessho, is a pun for "heavy make-up" and it shows. She has acid spit and attacks with a giant make-up applicator, but it doesn't get weird until Tuxedo Mask reflects her acid spit back at her.

It melts her face off. Sure, it's a kid's show and we can't have gore, but it still wipes her face completely clean and she has to draw her features back on. No, really.

That's funny and all, but also kinda horrifying. You tell me.


Name: FuRaiki
HP: 55
Attack: 33
Defense: 16
Speed: 19
EXP: 8
Yen: 80
Item Drop: Orange Juice (Heals 10 HP)
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Furaiki
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 18)

Furaiki is an electric droid that the Black Moon Clan sent to lure out Sailor Moon and Chibiusa. She's based off of oni and even attacks with a drum. I bring that up because the Japanese thunder god, Raijin, had a ring of drums that when drummed would sound like thunder.

She's not quite my favorite Droid design, but I do like her relatively light blue palette and bright red/blue eyebrows. I also think it's neat that they brought in an electric enemy to fight Jupiter of all people.

Also, holy crap they're strong. One hit and Jupiter's dead, so make sure you get the same equipment I did to outpace them.

Hmmm. My secret senses are tingling something fierce. Can you spot it, guys?

While it may seem the game has turned into Tree Simulator 1995, this is actually a secret path. You just have to go up and...

... This burly fella hands you a puzzle piece! Hooray!

I'm not sure how valuable only one puzzle piece is, considering if we grind enough in the overworld fights we can get as many as we want... but it never hurts to be a completionist.

Here's Supreme Thunder for you. It may be her weakest attack but it's still really good for only costing one MP. A lot of the times in RPGs you get skills that get overshadowed by other better ones down the line, but due to how Another Story works that can't really happen.

It's more about strategizing each battle barring the occasional fight where you have to grind beforehand, but that's nothing a good balance patch could fix.

Thunder Dragon's much like Fire Soul Bird in that it's an anime-exclusive attack that they gave her to spice up her moves without really giving her a new form.

It hits hard, but so does Sparkling Wide Pressure, so... yeah, it really boils down if you want to spend 3 MP or 4. This is what it looks like in the anime.

Speaking of which, Sparkling Wide Pressure is the attack she used from R onward until the fourth season where she replaced it with Jupiter Oak Evolution (haha, titledrop.)

We finally made it after blasting through enough Droids to be comfortable. How are things like in the neighboring village?

Hella tense, apparently. I don't get it - did George give the pendant to us knowing it was a wedding gift or did he really just want to thank Jupiter for the fish?

Because if he really does have eyes for another woman, it'd be incredibly mukty if he started to cheat on her with poor ol' Makoto.

Forty years!? Holy crap this is really some Romeo and Juliet stuff. Just how will we deal with it?

This is the only bit of interesting text that's not directly related to the village feud. Again, Zoisite didn't even get so much as a room to himself whereas the other Kings all got giant temples.

[He punts Jupiter away]

... I know, right? You see, this is the part of the game that confused me. Talking to the hint lady just says to meet the mayor of Mishii Village, aka. the same guy that just pushed away a freakin' Sailor Soldier, but nothing really seemed to happen.

I wandered around town wondering what else we had to do, but that wound up being pointless.

You see, you have keep talking to the mayor until this shows up. I don't know what the point of doing it multiple times is, but it might have just been an oversight or something.

"This pendant looks like the same one I got from George."

Still weird, by the way.

???: "Hey... could you climb up here and bring that with you?"

[Jupiter looks around]

: "Are you the one that dropped this from the window?"

[Cut to the next scene where Jupiter jumps in from the window]

(Pretty sure everyone from the next village over could hear him shouting at us given how many times we bumped into him.)

"Are you from Medias village? That pendant is George's... tell me about him!!"

[Jupiter looks around]

: "Shhhh! Don't talk in such a loud voice. I'm Jupiter. I thought that maybe you people could help me. Do you want to be together with George?"

: "Hmmmm, this is a little embarassing..."

I didn't screencap it at the right time, but Jupiter's overworld sprite makes the cutest blush face at all this mushy romance junk. I can't blame her, to be honest.

Mayor of Mishii Village: "Mary, are you talking in there? Come out of there. Mary?"

[Current OST: Suspense and Illusion]

: "Oh no! There's nowhere we can hide!"

Unless we somehow sneak Jupiter under the table, but I don't think that'd work out very well. It would be a hilarious sight, though.

Mayor of Mishii Village: "What's wrong? Mary, come out now!"

Mary: "In case he comes from the next room, you can leave that way. But, that way is..."

Hmm. It seems we're screwed, buckos. What does Jupiter have to say about this?

Excuse me?

Mary: "Huh? What the hell? How would we do that?"

Yeah, no kidding.

: "Fufufu, just watch!"

[Jupiter blows the wall down]

Holy psyduck.

Not exactly the most subtle route, but hot damn that's rad.

That said, I don't see this really helping our case. We tore down a wall just to help a young woman get together with her forbidden boyfriend. Makoto Kino, everyone - Sailor Suited Soldier of Love and Justice... and master of vandalism.

Mary: "You've got earth-shattering strength, Jupiter!"

: "Fufu... it's no big deal."

... I mean, when you really think about it? If this is what she's able to do to a wall, imagine what it's like when she has to fight monsters that hit her for over 150 damage. It must be absolutely painful when you put the numbers into context. Like, whooof.

: "The exit's covered up... Oh yeah, will they be able to break through to come after us?"

... You did just tear down the wall. Pretty sure that saves them the effort, my guy.

Mary: "No, I think this leads underground. Could this go all the way to the buried ruins of the ancient God? It seems to be connected all over the place. Only, no one knows where the exit to it is..."

I have an incredibly vague idea of what she's saying, so I'll just keep it simple and have Jupiter say:

Hell yeah.

You know, since we're already committing vandalism, let's steal from her house's private storage. It's alright, she's cool with it.

... Good thing we did, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten this.

I tried to look for the other set of the Emerald equipment down the line, but I just couldn't find it for some odd reason.

The storage room contains a Red and Blue Berry respectively - they cure numbness (poison) and accidents (petrification) respectively. The numbness one could be handy, but the other one's only useful in a group so oh well.

[Current OST: Heartful Kings]

This temple isn't too tough, but any opportunity to listen to the Heartful Kings theme is a good one even if it's not my top favorite song in the game.

Name: JarcockBrown
HP: 55
Attack: 31
Defense: 17
Speed: 24
EXP: 15
Yen: 750
Item Drop: Toilette (Full party HP/MP heal)
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Jakoku
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 29)

The almighty Jarcock returns, except this time in a nice shade of brown. I can't help but snicker like an immature child every time this guy comes up.

It doesn't help that he comes with the toilette as a drop item. Like I get it, that's one of the most useful items in the entire game but you're goading me into making a lowbrow joke here.

Damn we're strong. We haven't even done our obligatory end-of-chapter grinding yet and we're already hitting the enemies for 400+ damage.

Jupiter Coconut Cyclone is a manga/Crystal-exclusive attack that she straight up never got to use in the 90's anime. She originally used it to destroy a Daimon, but since Haruka and Michiru kept butting in to kill the monsters we never really got to see the Inners push their limits... most of the time, anyway.

In Another Story it's just a stronger, more costly version of Supreme Thunder.

[Screen scrolls up to show a portrait of a person with long hair]

: "Huh? There's something written there..."

: "But the mark here is the symbol of Jupiter. Hmm. I keep thinking about it but I still don't understand."

"I keep thinking about it but I still don't understand" is me in a nutshell.

[Jupiter and Mary walk away only for one of the Opposito to appear behind them]

"That surely must of been a lot of trouble. How unfortunate that the stone wasn't here."

: "Who are you!?"

: "Should we meet again, I will tell you. This cave will be completely destroyed in a moment. Fufu... I recommend that you leave as soon as possible."

[Not-Jupiter vanishes]

Well muk.

: "It's dangerous here, let's take shelter somewhere."

[The screen shakes as the two of them run out]

Good thing this isn't a timed escort mission otherwise that would be an absolute nightmare when combined with Another Story's unforgiving random encounter rates.

Wait, what? Was George just waiting here the entire time? In fact, would these stairs be here before we broke into Mary's house? I'm curious.

(Goes to check)

... Oh, it's blocked up by a giant log. Good foresight there, programmers.

Mary: "George!"

George: "Thank you, Jupiter."

: "I'm relieved! by the way, in Mishii Village, it looks like there's something you can take to make the marriage possible in your village's customs."

George: "Yeah... 40 years ago, there was a stone there called Nephrite."

: "Nephrite?"

George: "Yes. It would be nice if you could take that stone from the Protection God's place."

: "Perhaps the Protection God has something to do with that tree?"

I can see this being useful information if you never ran into that kid, but whatever. Looks like we're going trunk climbing.

George: "Probably. It should be where that tree is."

: "I see. Now George, this is your chance."

George: "Huh? You mean maybe I could... and the stone...?"

: "Yes, you could come and help me get the stone. And then a certain happy couple could come together."

Makoto's pushing them down the right direction.

George gets flustered and he joins up with us like the other guys in these sub-chapters.

(You can't go down the stairs, by the way. The cave really did collapse.)

I find it weird how the sign said "national" park before, but now it's been kicked down to just "state". Could there be a conspiracy?

[Current OST: Cave]

I find it cool how we're not just scavenging a temple again for Nephrite's Hi Stone... plus the tree backdrop is relevant to Jupiter due to her being the nature lady.

Something I find funny is that Not-Jupiter is just wandering around here like a normal NPC instead of having a big cutscene where she shows up in dramatic fashion.

She's a really patient villain I guess.

: "Who in the hell are you!?"

: "I promised, so I guess I'll have to tell you. I am Opposito Marduk. The soldier who has traversed Time-Space to protect the planet Jupiter."

: "The soldier who traversed Time-Space?"

Time travel is always a weird element in fantasy stories. It always seems to pop up and ultimately makes no sense but hey it's fine because we get to see into the future! It's useful for seeing into bad futures without actually having our favorite characters live through them, so there's that at least.

[Screen pixellates out]

[Current OST: Crystal Tokyo]

Woman: "Yes, that's true. It's all because of that Silver Crystal, isn't it?"

Spiky-haired man: "Yes. If not for the Silver Crystal, the world would fall into chaos. Horrible battles would begin."

Woman: "The Silver Crystal is so great!"

Life in the future must be boring as sin if people have conversations like this in their downtime.

[Marduk walks in from the top]

"You don't know the truth, so you may talk of peace... but so many battles were fought for the cause of the Silver Crystal! The Dark Kingdom... The Black Moon Clan... the Death Busters... You see the truth, yet you people do nothing. Don't think such wonderful things of its power."

You know, I gotta admit. As much as a strawmen the two civilians were, Marduk raises a pretty big point - the Silver Crystal may be this big important macguffin but there sure was a lot of blood shed over it - read, the destruction of the Moon Kingdom at the hands of the Dark Kingdom.

Obviously it can't be blamed for every problem because the Death Busters were after the Holy Grail, but you know.

[The screen darkens and Marduk walks up]

: "Apsu... Ah, mankind is so stupid. They can't understand the make-belief peace they possess now. If only they looked to history, they'd see so many battles that were caused by the Silver Crystal..."

... Man, Sailor Moon was more philosophical than I remembered.

: "Yes... History is repeating itself. The Silver Crystal has reached its limits. Once again, the history of battles is coming around."

No thanks to you, the people whose group is literally called "Hell Destiny." (Opposito is just the name used to define the evil counterparts to the Senshi)

: "... I understand. Apsu, I shall go for your cause. I shall procure the Silver Crystal for us... and I shall rid history of the Silver Crystal-caused battles!"

By the way she's talking here, it seems like she and Apsu were working together already as opposed to Apsu recruiting her out of the blue. I figured I would bring that up.

"I'm proud that you got as far as here. Only... This is as far as you get! I shall get Nephrite's stone for Apsu-sama! Ahahahahaha!"

[Marduk runs off]

: "What a weirdo."

She could have saved herself the effort and chased after the stone before we even got here, but that wouldn't be very sporting would it?

Name: Prophet
HP: 70
Attack: 37
Defense: 22
Speed: 29
EXP: 23
Yen: 750
Item Drop: Nothing
Monster Type: Daimon
Based off of: Mikuji
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon S (Season 3, episode 1)

Mikuji is the first Daimon shown in the series and ironically one of the more versatile ones.

She was born from a tree in Rei's front yard after it got possessed by a Daimon egg. She can make stone copies of her body parts (face included), shoot nets that ensnare people and throw out evil fortunes that are apparently strong enough to counter Usagi's most powerful attack at the time.

Yes, she was the big wake-up call that what worked on the Droids in Season 2 wouldn't even scratch the Daimons, so the entire Senshi team got sweeped. Usagi even lost her sailor form during the fight!

(Hello Luna-P. )

It took Sailor Uranus and Neptune's offscreen interference to stop Mikuji from killing Rei for corn's sake. Another fascinating thing is that she's one of the few monsters that Sailor Moon doesn't kill - a rare thing in the show.

Her name is a reference to O-mikuji, "random fortunes written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. Literally "sacred lot", these are usually received by making a small offering (generally a five-yen coin as it is considered good luck) and randomly choosing one from a box, hoping for the resulting fortune to be good."

I also think it's really clever how we fought the tree monster inside of another tree. Madness.

The Protection God's tree isn't hard to navigate but there sure are a hell of a lot of floors to go through. I lost count halfway through.

Name: Damble
HP: ???
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Speed: ???
EXP: 25
Yen: ???
Item Drop: ???
Monster Type: Droid
Based off of: Dumble / Human form
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: Sailor Moon R (Season 2, episode 17)

If you're wondering why the stats are all question marks barring EXP, there is literally no guide out there that has information on Dumble here... so just have her shaving 75% of Jupiter's health in one swing.

Dumble is a Droid sent to take over one of the crystal points of Crystal Tokyo - basically a series of areas that provide power to the city in the 30th century. The Black Moon Clan wanted to sabotage the areas in the past, but you can already tell how that went.

There's not much else for her than her giant Guile haircut in my personal opinion.

It's always a wonderful thing to see the level-up screen in this game because that means we get a full health refill for nothing.

We've finally made it to the top of the tree and... that's the background from the Switzerland level. You can't fool me, game. I guess it's appropriate considering how far up north Canada is, or something.

"Only, I'm faster! The stone is mine!"

Crap, she actually got it first! I knew we shouldn't have grinded on the monsters.

[Marduk falls off of the tree somehow??]

: "She went down! She fell underneath!"

... One of the game's main villains, everybody.

Choosing yes will take you straight back down to the tree's entrance while choosing no will just... leave you here. Much like Nabu's fight, it's all up to whether you want to fight the boss right away... so I stayed behind and got my levels up just to be safe.

Too bad it doesn't let you give you the choice of skipping to the bottom floor again.

[George snatches the stone and hands it to Jupiter]

: "I did it! I got Nephrite's Hi Stone!"

... More like he gave it to you, but whatever we still did it! (Maybe it was another portrait error?)

[Marduk groans and stands up]

[Current OST: Opposite Soldier]

(One of the coolest theme songs in the entire game, by the way.)

: "Now that we've got this, you've got to get it back to Mary!"

George: "B-but..."

: "It's alright, just go!"

[George hesitates for a second and then runs off]

Oooh yeah, I don't want him around to see this carnage.

: "You want to take my life... who is giving you orders?"

: "There's no one giving me orders. It's my intention to kill you guys. And it's my purpose to get the Silver Crystal!"

Well then. It's your funeral, buddy.

[Current OST: Opposito Senshi Battle Theme]

Name: Marduk (1)
HP: 530
Attack: 45
Defense: 30
Speed: 35
EXP: 300
Yen: 3000
Item Drop: None
Allegiance: Opposito Senshi
Official Art: Here.
* If applicable, what was their debut in the show/manga: N/A

Marduk is named after the Babylonian king of gods who was associated with judgment, vegetation and magic. Yep, she's definitely Jupiter's counterpart, especially with the emphasis on attack and health.

She's also the most visually similar to her counterpart due to having almost the exact same haircut but in a lighter shade. At least Sin took away the odango buns to not look like a complete clone of Usagi.

A feat of her incredible strength even after all the grinding we did. We're not exactly going to tank enemy attacks any time soon, but...

... We sure can dish em out, good god. This is just salt on the wound after she fell off of the tree like an idiot.

Even the bosses have a chance to hand out puzzle pieces! Boy, this reward better be good if there's so many pieces we have to collect.

"I don't have enough power to help you change the world's Destiny... to beat these Sailor Senshi. Sailor Jupiter! Today was my loss. But don't even dare to think you'll win the next one!"

[Marduk vanishes]

At least she's a good sport about it. Better that than to have her be like "nah fam didn't count cause I'm a sore loser".

"But, it appears that girl is working for someone called 'Apsu'. Are they working to change the world's Destiny...?"

No, she wanted to stop George's wedding, silly. She's salty about true love stuff.

[George runs back in]

"You're a really great girl, you know? Not only is your cooking great, you've got lots of courage!"

: "Yeah, I guess so. Now I'm embarassed..."

*insert blush sprite*

I would have laughed out loud if he said talent, but courage is good too I suppose.

: "Anyway, what about the stone I was looking for?"

George: "Yeah, we should go see my old man so we can get your stone back."

He gave it away? Not cool... but he does have a lovely lady waiting for him.

"Really, I bet it's that guy's fault... George, let's go to the neighboring village!"

George: "Huh? W... why?"

: "Um... aren't you guys arguing with that village?"

Oh boy, what kinda wacky shenanigans are we gonna get into this time?

One good thing about defeating Marduk is that all of the monsters disappear. That's a sigh of relief at least.

It's also fascinating because apparently she was the one controlling them.

"And it's all your fault!"

Mishii Mayor: "What? You mean you only found it now? Stupid idiot!"

(I can't help but hear these voices as done by the cast of Conker's Bad Fur Day. Help.)

George's Dad: "It's cause I didn't wanna give up my little sister to you!"

Mishii Mayor: "What are you talking about!? It's your fault we had to look for the stone!"

Hot damn these are some crabby old men. Is this what I'll become in the future? *snrk*

Mary: "Little sister? Dad, your little sister is George's mother? Then that means George's mother is my aunt? I never heard anything about my aunt before!"

... Oh.

Mishii Mayor(?): "Old man! You've come here, so why don't you two apologize. He was just being a boring brother in law. There was no real affection."

The lack of portraits or character identifiers for screens with multiple NPCs a hassle to understand. o _ o

George: "Huh!?"

"It's annoying that it is so."

Well... yeah to say the absolute least! That seriously puts a monkey wrench into the wedding plans, huh? It'd be even weirder if they still wanted to seek a relationship with each other despite knowing they're cousins.

Mishii Mayor: "Mary, please reconsider. This guy's dad wanted my important sister. So he stole Nephrite's stone."

George's dad: "What are you saying? You didn't want to let your sister go. The stone was always in the ruins!"

Mishii Mayor: "You're lying!"

: "Okay, okay, okay. The village chief from Mishii didn't wanna let his sister go. So the village chief from Medias made up some lies about him. George, Mary... be frank and tell everyone in the villages about this.

I love Makoto as a character, alright? She doesn't want any part of this dumb feud either.

George's dad is shocked at the proposal.

George: "Yes, what the village heads have been doing is stupid. Our pride is in ruins, isn't it!?"

Reasonable answer.

Mishii Mayor: "Geez, is it really possible to make friends with this guy?" "

George's dad: "If he apologizes first, then I'll agree to being friends with him."

Mishii Mayor: "What!"

Told right off because of how boneheaded these guys are.

George's dad: "You apologize first!"

Mishii Mayor: "No, you first!"

Then they go back and forth with "no u" for about a solid minute before Jupiter has enough of their muk.

That's my girl.

[The village leaders shake hands]

: "These two really seem like little kids."

When you think of adults as just tall children, it makes much more sense that way. It's still pretty unimaginable that they had a feud about this for over forty years. That goes beyond an argument straight into pettiness.

"Because of you and Nephrite's stone, this argument has been completely resolved. And the legend of Nephrite's stone has made the wounds of friends in this vilalge heal up. Thank you, and please take this."

I have no idea what he means by that last part, but heck we'll take the stone!

I don't know who's talking: "We are indebited to you. Come again sometime."

: "It is I that should be thanking you."

Mary: "We'll be able to get along from now on."

: "Ah, hang in there."

I at least hope they don't marry. If that's the case, screw Haruka and Michiru from the old English dub - these are the real Kissing Cousins.

"Huh... this thing. Okay! Everyone's waiting for me, so I'd better get back quickly."

She's had the most light-hearted chapter so far, I swear. Mercury broke a guy's heart and Mars got sucker-punched in the heart by a dead guy, so Jupiter solving a dispute between villages is easier to swallow. (Weird cousin issue aside, at least.)

It helps that it's not even that hard a chapter gameplay-wise.

Hooray! With that said...

Next time on Sailor Moon: Another Story, we meet up with Venus in Turkey to get the final stone required to heal Mamoru and maybe do some magic macguffin shenanigans.

See you guys then.

Team Set-Up:

(Sailor Venus, level 6, , Inner Senshi) - "Waaaah. It's so pretty here. I'm surprised we haven't come across any monsters yet, Artemis."


~Fun Sailor Moon Fact~:

Makoto was originally going to be called Mamoru, by the way? I can see why due to her being the most trusting/protective of the Inner Senshi, but that'd be a bit weird when Usagi's boyfriend has the same name.

Makoto has a hatred of airplanes due to both of her parents dying in an airline accident, so she lives by herself in her apartment. How she sustains that apartment is a mystery, but it's likely she got an inheritance from her parents or something.

She was originally planned to be a smoker and the leader of a female delinquent gang (because visually she fills every checkbox for a japanese delinquent girl), but they scrapped this. The most we got instead was that she got kicked out of her old school for beating up other bullies.

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