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Womans iPhone Gets Stolen, Thief Uploads Pics to her Photostream by Accident

Posted May 25th, 2012 at 4:43 AM by Government Hooker


Basic gist of the article and the comments within the link,

- Woman has her iPhone stolen/misplaced while onboard the Disney Wonder.

- Nelson, a cast member on the ship, comes across the phone, doesn't decide to wipe the memory, but begins taking pictures with it (including his girlfriend...more on that in a second).

- Thanks to iCloud, Nelson unknowingly synched his photos directly to Katy's (woman who lost her phone) account.

- Katy decided to post these pictures on Facebook.

- These photos included - Nelson taking pictures of his girlfriend (this woman) in a bed, at her work (a spa on the ship), and on the dance floor together.

- Nelson's girlfriend happens to be engaged to this guy and IS PREGNANT.

- Nelson has since been fired from the Disney Cruise Line. No word yet on whether or not Tiffany is still engaged to Bradley or if she stuck around with Nelson.

- Here is Nelson's Facebook

Lesson learned: If you're going to steal/take/pick up someone's iPhone, make sure you wipe the memory first. Also, don't work for Disney. Also, don't sleep with a pregnant woman unless the baby is yours. Lives will most likely get ruined, and you and everyone involved will have to face public embarrassment.

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