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Moonlight Silver episode 108--The Afterpost

Posted November 29th, 2017 at 5:25 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash's match with Clair is interrupted when Kamon attempts to take the Dragon Fang!

My only big change for this mini-arc was replacing Team Rocket with Kamon, as this would be the point where you face him for the last time in the story in the games. For the remix, I had this epic arc be the point where Kamon earns redemption for all he's done, finishing his character arc, and proving he would be a way better antagonist than Team Rocket would ever be.

I did...
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My Thoughts about nyoROBOtics Newest Member

Posted November 26th, 2017 at 6:55 AM by Judge Mandolore Shepard (The Thoughts of a Judge Magister/Mandolorian Leader/Spectre Agent)

As a number of you might not know, I am a fan of the Japanese robot idol group nyoROBOtics. Well during this weekend, they revealed a new member during their 8th anniversary. The new member that was revealed was Unit 9 Plana (or Prana. [Translate on twitter could not decide between one or the other.]) After seeing it in my twitter feed, I was really impressed. She will be quite the performer. Here is a picture of her:

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Moonlight Silver episode 107b--The Afterpost

Posted November 25th, 2017 at 2:42 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Kamon tries to Poke-nap Minerva the Dratini, but it is Clair's love that saves the day!

Aside from Team Rocket being cut and replaced with Kamon, and Clair revealed to know the Swanna Song, there wasn't too much to change the episode. Ash and Brock's strategy discussion was new for the episode, and sets up Ash's match towards the end of the arc.

I did put some of today's strategy back into a classic arc. Since this version of Ash is effectively a player avatar...
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There is a worm lizard on top of a MEOW-TAIN.

Posted November 24th, 2017 at 8:01 AM by Pudding (Online Journal)

Pokémon always comes back to me after I let it go and push it to the dark abyss I call "I got bored and maybe I will play with you months from now." It came back in the form of Ultra Sun and boi. Am. I. Enjoying it.

College is wrapping up, my Thanksgiving was quite the rollercoaster, and oh! Hopefully you all had a good Thanksgiving to those who do celebrate it! Man I bet that turkey didn't see what was coming (or chicken for some?), cuz I was starving.

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Let's Play Sailor Moon: Another Story! Chapter 2

Posted November 22nd, 2017 at 7:38 PM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated January 12th, 2018 at 3:36 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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Never fear, the citizens of Tokyo - a group of magical teenagers in sailor uniforms will save the day.

... Saying that out loud makes me realize just how weird the magical girl genre is as a whole, but that's also probably why I love it.

Chapter #2 - Looming Threat


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