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Preferences of Music

Posted September 8th, 2018 at 3:30 PM by Ace Trainer Slash

I don't really have preferences in lyrical music, but I LOVE video game themes, I'm a huge fan of the Pokemon series' music, it's a mixture of everything, as well as every generation having a predominant instrument (Gen 3 and 5 soundfont is awesome, in my opinion), making any Pokemon track unique. My favourite track from the Pokemon games is quite hard to consider, N's Farewell and Emotion are really good, as well as the Champion theme from Ruby, but I also really like the unofficial battle theme from Pokemon Clover, the professor's battle theme, it's a REALLY good mixture of Gen 3 instrumentals. However, Yo-Kai Watch being my second favourite video game franchise, I like it's music too, wisp sound effects were quite prevalent in the older Yo-Kai Watch themes, making them unique, and some really good (the boss theme from the second game), but now, almost all the themes (especially from Yo-Kai Watch 3) are filled with guitars, despite this, the music in Yo-Kai Watch music is well put together. Take one of my favourite video game boss themes, it is the Godfather theme, sped up by 2x, and is re-formed into it's own theme. Sometimes I listen to other music, from other games, but for a long time, I will always like the Pokemon/Yo-Kai Watch themes from their already excellent games.
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