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Let's Play Dark Rising: Order Destroyed! Chapter 3

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Let's Play Dark Rising: Order Destroyed! Chapter 3

Posted September 25th, 2017 at 6:33 AM by Rainbow Chara X
Updated November 10th, 2017 at 3:31 PM by Rainbow Chara X
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As the title says.

(Also: hello everyone, I'm not dead. We finally finished cleaning up the Hurricane Irma aftermath)

Chapter #3 - Misery Carnival


Last time on Order Destroyed, Noah and the Zygarde twins were captured by some "unknown" enemy. Let's see what we have to deal with.

"My name's on this list... So is Zyro and Zyree. What's going on? Our names are not crossed out though."

I'm not even going to pretend this is going to lead up to a shocking twist.


Let's see... spooky, mist-covered town that's in ruins after some horrible event. I'd normally find this way more interesting if this weren't Dark Rising. (That, and if the mist covered every tile and not just some of them.)

Most of the houses here are locked and DRG actually had the foresight to put up invisible blockades, so that's cool I guess.

Here's a Super Potion just in case you were really hurting for some HP restoratives.

Alright kids, what's the damage?

"We need to get out of here, right now! She wants to kill us!"

If you didn't see this coming then I don't know what to say. Zyro says the same thing, more or less.

"You're full of surprises. That makes me crave you more."

... Excuse me

Zyro: "Noah, she wants to eat us! No joke!"

Ah, never mind. I thought it would have been something much worse. Zyree mentions that even the zombie Snorlax was part of the plan and that Granny here has been craving for better food than berries.

Noah, of course it's psyducking true. She's just some random old woman in the middle of the woods in a zombie apocalypse - of course she's going to be evil.

She goes onto say that she likes to name every dish she makes. While I'll admit this is the most blatantly telegraphed psychopath I've ever seen, cannibalism in a Pokemon game is still pretty

She mentions she and her Pokemon have eaten twenty nine people. I'm not flipping out because of the act itself (even if it is disgusting) but because of the fact Hoopa started the zombie apocalypse a few hours ago according to Zyro.

How in the hell did she manage to pull that off? If anything, this town must have had problems way before Hoopa ever did anything.

... It just raises too many questins and my brain hurts, so let's just beat her up already.

[Splatterhouse 3: Cannibal Boss]

What a time to bring this song out, too. I hate to admit it, but I definitely have to bring out the:


Grandma Stuffum here has a dangerous team and due to how this game effectively discourages against grinding (due to a lack of resources), this might be enough to seriously screw you over no matter what you try.

Her first mon up is a Diggersby that might tear apart whatever you throw out first thanks to their high level. Thankfully they don't have Huge Power like they would in the real games... so that's a mercy.

I guess she's saving the real pain for later.

Her next Pokemon is this Aromatisse that's guaranteed to waste a turn setting Wish up. Rodrigo, you know what to do.

Thank god too because if she actually got to attack, he would have been killed by Dazzle.

Psyduck, here we go.

This is the real killer of this team. See, not only do you have the stupid defenses of Mega Sableye, you also have a working Magic Bounce due to the (much better) base this was built on.

They hit hard, are tough to even scratch and there's the level curve that somehow found a way to skyrocket even in a smaller game.

But hey, at least the sprite looks fantastic.

Sapphire sets up Dual Screens because I really don't want to die against to this thing.

There's Dark Pulse for you and look at how much Dazzle does in comparison. Keep in mind, Fairy type moves are supposed to be super effective.

Yeah, we're switching her out immediately.

Ignell takes a serious hit but he heals it off just long enough to get a good hit and...

[Ignell used Wing Attack!]

Bam. Where would this team be without you, my salamander champion?

"Feed me moooore!"

Is she the grandmother of that weird fat guy back in Dark Rising 1 that was like "FEED ME MORE!" for no reason? Whatever, I hope you like worms to go with your dirt nap.

Granny's like "nooo i don't want to die hungry" while Noah's tempted to shove a boot down her throat. However, she does say something interesting - she knows the location of The Machine!

It's in a mansion to the north, so that's where we're going, friends.

So every time Noah wins a fight, people get sucked into black holes. They don't just fall over dead, they have to get consumed by the void.

This is a weird game.

Zyro and Zyree thank us for beating up the psycho hag but Noah muses about going to The Machine because that's totally not a trap either, am I right?

Oh hey, DRG even stole the severed heads thing from Snakewood.

Ah, never mind. He was the guy who saved Zyro and Zyree earlier (the one that gave us Julian) but Granny turned him into soup barring his head.

That's kinda psyducked up, but at this point I have zero attachment to any of these characters except for Noah and my Pokemon. Mess with them and that's when I have to put my foot down.

Yeah, this place has been a problem way before anything in Dark Rising happened. It's even quarantined and muk.

The Dreaded Hills, huh? I'm still curious - who names these places? What is so dreaded about it?

oh no

(Damn you for not letting me be able to catch Espurr.)

This curse is so confusing to me. So apparently when zombies go after people, they get infected... but when people fight people, they get sucked into black holes?

I dunno, man.

But hey, at least there's more Ethers!

Yanmega's one of the most dangerous wilds in this area that aren't the Level 40 Drifblims or Steelix. The most logical thing to do would be to run away because of your limited stock.

My sentiments exactly, Noah. But I knew the risks going in.

... That's easily one of the strangest color palletes I've ever seen on a zombie. I wonder what's our punishment for running into this g--

Oh muk.

So... Slowbro is easily the most dangerous Pokemon you could encounter yet due to the anti-grinding measures in place and the middling detail that your primary Pokemon will be Charizard. They may be "mega evolved" but a good water attack is still enough to throw them in the grave.

So you know, don't get caught.

This guy recognizes Noah, but he lets him have the item without a fight... until he notices that it's an experience share.

Noah immediately goes into "hey listen i'm taking care of some kids" but the guy doesn't buy it - "You're using that excuse again?"

Turns out this guy has been tailing Noah and the Zygarde Twins to get rid of them and that his name is... get this, Sludge.

With a name like that, he's bound to have Psychic types.

... I don't... understand the exclamation mark. At this point Noah should be used to people trying to kill him.

Sludge, despite his hulking physique, is one of the easiest trainers in the game yet.

Mostly because he's throwing Pokemon that are super weak to Ignell being part flying and the fact he doesn't have any real tricks up his sleeve.

Hell yeah, we finally get something to replace Wing Attack. Ignell's more of a mage than a brawler, so this is perfect. (I don't care that his ability is Tough Claws.)

Scolipede looks weird - it has a pot belly for some reason. It's not even that Scolipede is hard to fit in the Gen 3 games, so I don't understand this.

Ignell cuts her down with Air Slash and that ends Sludge. Arguably the biggest missed opportunity this game had was to give him Muk, cause you know...

Unlike most of the other trainers we've faced so far, Noah is unable to kill him... But he still lets us have the Experience Share anyway. He was a nice guy after all.

He mostly repeats what he says in the battle and disappears so we can grab the Experience Share. But... huh. So Hoopa picks and chooses who lives or dies in this?

Yeah, I'm gonna put an end to that bullmuk when I get the chance.

Now Ivan can play the catch up game.

There was another zombie here along with an item, but they must have not been important if I didn't screencap them.

Noah's like "hold up m8" but then she says she recognizes him as Noah the Killer. Let me just quote what she says: "You're a twisted, self-centered, arrogant asshole who likes to toy with people's minds and then battle them when their guard is down so you can kill them!"

This has to be the most ironic thing in the entire story.

Then she goes on to say that Hoopa was just trying to defend themselves from Noah and it's like...

Listen. She doesn't even try to talk it out and immediately jumps into trying to murder Noah based on a story that some random Pokemon told her... and considering the grave situation we're in?

I'm not going to feel sad about getting her out of the way.

She might have lived longer if it weren't for this, but hey... screw diplomacy right?

Ellie is not super dangerous, but chances are that you're beat to hell after getting this far.

Her first Pokemon is a Whimsicott that tries to defend itself with Substitute, but Ignell burns them away in a flash.

She tries to use a Potion, but it doesn't really save them from getting incinerated.

Her Musharna on the other hand is far more threatening due to Charge Beam - if we don't stop them, they could potentially raise their Special Attack to the point where nobody can deal with it.

Thank god for the AI making stupid choices.

Ellie's final Pokemon is a Hitmontop that actually survived an Ignell Air Slash, so at this point I'm just hoping they don't land a critical hit or something.

Again, I don't know where'd we be without him. He's like a miracle lizard man.

I don't know what to say, Ellie, you sort of did it to yourself. Plus, if Noah dies, the world's doomed.

[Noah falls to his knees]

"I... I'm killing people..."

Ellie: "You... sick bastard... I hope you rot in hell..."

Oh for psyduck's sake.

Noah, my dude, if people throw themselves at you with the intent to kill and they don't want to reason with you, you shouldn't feel bad. Especially if you had a real choice that involved avoiding death.

It's like Saw at this point - the only person you can really count on is yourself (and your Pokemon). Make a small gravestone for her if you really want, but I'd rather get this done.

Oooh, it's a rocket!

"Isolated from the world, prevented from being kids and having fun. Now that we're free, this happens..."

I wish I could care about these kids, truthfully... But I don't. Shame too, because they could be interesting if they were written better.

It doesn't help that they're going to replace Monica and Noah soon... something I am not going to be a part of.

"I think we did something really, really bad. Talk to the kid, you'll see."

At this point I'm used to it. What's the deal, my man?

: "Hey, kid. Are you alright?"

Boy: "Ye-yes... Is my sister okay? She was outside making sure no people can get us."

Oh my god you're kidding. That was fast.

At this point I'm laughing because the pacing for this game is at Sonic Speed. I guess I should be thankful due to the other two games moving painfully slow, but damn.

Zyree turns away when she overhears this and Noah straight up lies to him, saying that Ellie's alright... only for Zyro to burst and yell that she was killed by a zombie.

Hey, better than saying it was us.

Boy: "But... but my sister is strong!"

[He starts to cry]

Prepare yourself for this next one because it is amazingly crafted:

Boy: "She... she beat the bad guys over and over again even after they come back. Bad people tried to take this home from us, but she beat them and then they come back again from a hole that looks like space but this time they blue, and she beat them again!!"

What in good god's name.

Zyro offers to protect the kid and that he should come with us.

"She made a secret passage through the wall behind me."

... Joel? Oh no, you have no idea what you've just done.

You'll see what I mean in a bit.

Hooray, I guess. Honestly he'd be one more mouth to feed, but who cares because I have a full team more or less.

Yeah, you have to walk through the wall to progress. That's cool, I guess.

Griever Forest? Okay, this must be like the graveyard forest or something. That's my only explanation for why it's called this.

(And wouldn't you know it, the trees are blue instead.)

: "... My sister... Ellie... I miss her."

(Tee hee.)

: "... I know how you feel. I miss my friend, Monica, a lot. We were best friends since we were about your age."

To think... in the good timeline, Monica is alive and all this catastrophe ended at Darugis. But nope, we gotta milk the sequel cow.

Joel starts screaming about how he has to go get something important that his sister left him and Noah tries to be reasonable, but...

This happens. He vanishes in the fade to black and now we have to go look for him.

Joel, you little muk child.

... A potion. Really. *sigh*.

This stopped being useful after we got Super Potions, so why keep giving us the less effective stuff?

These were the wilds in this area - I think Trevenant is cool and Vespiquen is easily one of my favorite Bug Pokemon (even if they're actually pretty poor fighters), but the Pokeball curse won't let us get em.

What a shame.

You can't cut it down anyway, so don't bother... but I do commend DRG's crew for trying different types of events.

... This ought to be fun.

There was a house around here and... can I just ask why every room looks the same? It's the same empty, two-cabinet room of nothing important.

To be fair I'd rather prefer this over the "broken space" garbage from earlier.

Oh really? Let's see what he's about.

???: "Ahahaha! Look who it is, the failure me. I'm the real Noah, I wouldn't have let my best friend die like that!"

Oh wow, they're doing this.

: "What exactly are you? You may have the clothes I wore in the Core Region, and even half of my face, but you're not me!"

... Oh, so we're just resorting to plagiarizing Persona now? Come on, really? There's doing cute references in the corner and then there's having them as part of the plot.

It's honestly a small thing compared to all of the other bad parts of this series, but at this part I'm worn down.

Joel mentions that his sister left him a pretty stone and that the giant marble behind the Shadow is a Mega Stone, although Noah wonders why she would keep one if he doesn't have any Pokemon.

"Just like you'll never have Monica back!"

Oh it's on now.

... Huh. Alright, I shouldn't be too impressed considering it's just a bunch of Darkrai parts pasted over the sprite they used for Noah in Dark Rising 1, but this is still kind of neat.

Oh, and to top it off, he even has his own evil Mega Charizard! I swear the X version is like my favorite Mega in the series behind Mawile, but I know I won't have either in this game.

He's a beast - a few hits from him is enough to total my team without really trying, so you better hope for the best.

(I didn't insert a Darkmon Ignell because I don't think I could survive dealing with both back to back. Plus, it wouldn't really make sense when you really think about it.)

Like me getting a lucky crit.

(Seriously, good god, look at his health.)

"Into finding a way to save Monica!"

This guy really wants to hit Noah hard with that. It's kind of working considering Monica is the only other character in this series I have any affection towards and that's mostly because I had put so much work into her LP!character.

Noah wants him to leave, but the Shadow's just like "nah bro I am you". He disappears though, so I guess that's a small victory.

But hey, we actually get a Mega Stone! Joel's okay with letting us have it now that we saved him.

The way Mega Evolution in these types of hacks work is super simplified compared to actual Pokemon... mostly because this version doesn't have a proper mega evolution script programmed in it.

They just give you another evolution and fill that in with the Mega, but I have to admit... as cool as Mega Evolution is, the fact it doesn't stick is kind of a sore spot with me.

Yeah, sure, I know why they don't do that, but damn it - I adore how most megas look. Again, Mega Mawile is like my favorite.

Here's an Antidote for you braving through all that garbage. The spider webs from earlier didn't do much to stop us, now that I think about it.

... Also, have this not-suspicious purple-haired lady.

Long story short, her name is Freyja (I sure made the right choice to pick a Norse Mythology theme in the let's play too because wow) and she's been going around re-killing the zombie trainers.

Noah objects and says the zombie trainers are still people even though we've already slaughtered a bunch and just...

My god, what is wrong with this dude? I can understand not wanting to kill people, but these are literally re-animated corpses. It's your civic duty to cut them down, not only for yourself, but for the living people around you.

: ("... Noah?")

: "Yeah?"

: ("Please don't. I've been around the block too many times to just accept the 'they're still people' excuse.")

: "Honestly? I'm just stressed out and tired at this point. I don't know what to think."

: ("... Ah, I see. Well, hang in there.")

Yeah, even Freyja's like "wtf" dude. Anyway, she volunteers to help us look for the machine and surprisingly enough, she's not evil.

I might as well spoil because we're never going to see her again past this game.

(For the uninitiated, Freyja is the Norse Goddess of love, sex, beauty, gold, war and death. Surely, an... interesting combination of aspects.)

You're questioning this out of everything?


Son of a rattata. I thought we killed this guy? So... the zombies respawn? That's not good.

Anyway, we've made it to a cute little farm. This is arguably the best place to rest until we get to The Machine, so...

Next time on Dark Rising: Order Destroyed, we finally get to see Hoopa's face and learn about their true plans. Now please excuse me while I go apply migraine medicine.

See you then.

Team setup:

A means Mega-evolved.

(Ignell-, level 33, , /) - "Hoho! That's a good look on you, Umbra."
(Umbra-, level 24, , ) - "Jeez, no kidding. I wonder how Jack and the guys will react when he sees how fabulous my fake wings are."
(Sapphire, level 24, , /) - "Teehee. You look so fluffy."
(Ivan, level 24, , ) - "Wh-whoa. I can do that too? Man, I really want to evolve now."
(Rodrigo-, level 27, , /) - "All of this is stupid and I don't want any part of it. Well, aside from helping you guys."
(Julian, level 14, , ) - "... Huh."

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