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    Video Games, and myself.

    It's actually really cool, how there IS a video game somewhere that suits even the hardest to please. :)

    With competitive gaming, I guess it's practice that I need, and since like in every game, I love the low tier, I guess I just need the practice to use characters such as King Dedede in Smash 4. :D Practice can also concern anything else, if someone practices enough, they can master whatever they wish, if someone however simply has a disadvantage in something they wish to get better at, its the effort that shines. :D
    Posted 4 Days Ago at 2:59 PM by Ace Trainer Slash Ace Trainer Slash is offline
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    Video Games, and myself.

    Video games really are for everyone. Someplace somewhere theres always a game a particular person would like. Usually finding that game and getting your hands on it is the hard part.

    Don't worry too much about competitive gaming because not everybody's built for it. I mean, I like to swim, but I wont be winning any races anytime soon.
    Posted 5 Days Ago at 10:03 AM by Yotes Yotes is offline
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    That feeling when...

    Oh man, I remember I went to a Steven Universe con in Virginia Beach and it was the sketchiest dingy hotel I ever saw.

    Took pictures of the brown stains on the pullout bed and they offered us a free stay if we come back this year (I'll pass XD)
    Posted 5 Days Ago at 10:00 AM by Yotes Yotes is offline
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    Emerald Final info

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    The technology guy (A.k.a Fat Kid/Guy)

    my childhood is all about pokemon. Love until now.
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    2 player games
    Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 7:24 AM by marcosanchez marcosanchez is offline
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    Platinum Journal Entry VII - Battle Against the Soulful Dancer.

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    BGP DevLog #180 (Coding, Cures, and Confidence)

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